15 Creative Ways to Re-Use Your Beloka Water Bottles

Beloka Water is not just known for our pristine mineral rich water from the heart of the Snowy Mountains. We’re also known for our distinguished, contemporary glass water bottles designed to keep your water cool and refreshing.

However, did you know you can reuse your Beloka Water bottles and turn them into beautiful DIY home décor, useful spa tool or even food container? Here are 15 creative ways you can reuse your Beloka Water bottles:

1.   Bottle Fence – Drill a hole in each of your glass water bottles and run a rebar through it. Paint your Beloka Water bottles from the inside to get more colourful effect. This is a perfect divider if you want to add sections in your room or for your patios.

2.     Flower Vase – Drip paint into your water bottles and turn it into cool flower vase in your dinning table or living room. You can also make use of colourful papers or washi tapes. Wrap the bottles for a more personalised vase.

3.    Upcycled Glass “Barefoot” Wine Bottle Candle – Cut off the upper part with a bottle cutter and fill it with a candle.

4.    Bottle Chandelier – Insert a slim type light bulb and attach it to your ceiling. You may choose to paint the bottles but not too thick.

5.    Candle Holder – Use the bottle cutter and cut the bottle in two. You may use either the upper or the bottom part of the bottle for your candles. Or you can simply clean your clear glass water bottles and insert slim candlesticks through the opening of the bottle. Line them up on your dinner table to complete an elegant table setting.

6.     Store Your Juices – A quick wash (and sterilise if you prefer) would easily turn our bottles to amazing juice holders. If you do cold pressed juices or even salad sauces, you can use our Beloka bottles as storage containers for these.

7.     Water Bottle Fountain – Paint the bottles from the inside. Drill a hole and insert a small house for the fountain effect. Great for garden decoration.

8.     Glow in the Dark Bottles – This would be great for parties! Clean dry your Beloka  Water bottles and insert a glow stick to make the coolest glow in the dark lamp.

9.     Water Bottle Torch – Light up your garden or patio with a DIY torch. Check out Design Sponge for the instructions here.

10.  Party Table Centrepiece – Wrap your bottles in Japanese paper or crepe paper according to your party’s theme. Add in balloons for birthday parties or flowers for weddings.

12.  Bracelet Storage/Display – The easiest to do! Got lots of bracelets? Don’t throw your Beloka bottle just yet and turn them into a creative bracelets holder.

13.  Storage for Liquid Soap – Turn your bottles into liquid soap storage. Just buy a standard dispenser top at your local beauty shop.

14.  House Warming Gift – Go crazy with arts and crafts and turn Beloka Water bottles in to a great housewarming gift. You can do a sand-in-a-bottle type or fill it with beads, anything you want to.

15.  Appetizer plate – Cut the bottle vertically instead of horizontal and you’ll get the coolest appetizer tray! Make sure you make the edges smooth to avoid accidents.

These are just some of the creative ways you can reuse a Beloka Water bottle. If you have more ideas, feel free to tag us on Facebook!