5 Ways to Make Water Taste Better

fruit and water

Sometimes a little flavour boost is all it takes to make a person look forward to drinking water. Just a little bit of tweaking to add another layer of depth to a classic glass of water.

Here are five simple ways to make water taste better:

1.      Add Fruit

Have you heard about fruit-infused water? It’s sometimes called detox water and it’s filled with the hydrating goodness of water and the sweet, sometimes tart, flavour of delicious fruits.

The possibilities are endless. You can try the classic lemon water. You can try cucumber or melons. You can try oranges, apples, or strawberries. Why not try mangoes or peaches?

You can even mix and match your favourite fruit for even better flavour. Just remember that if you use fleshy fruit like strawberries or mangoes, it’s better to consume the water quickly.

2.      Make it Sparkle

If you’re a fan of soda, then you can try incorporating sparkling water or soda water into your basic glass of H2O. You’ll have the fizzy goodness of soft drinks without the added sugar, colouring, and preservatives.

3.      Spice it Up

If you want a kick like no other, try adding spices like cinnamon or paprika into your glass of water. It’ll add a unique kick that will surely be a twist for your taste buds.

4.      Make a Splash

What do you get when you pour a splash of tart fresh juice to plain water? An exciting and flavourful beverage, that’s what! Try unsweetened cranberry, pomegranate, grape, or apple to add a refreshing hint of flavour you won’t find anywhere else.

5.      Herb it Up

Add a zesty twist to your water by adding in herbs. Try a few sprigs of mint or a couple of basil leaves. Alternatively, you can try herbal teas. Simply steep and enjoy for a refreshing and healthy drink.

These are just some of the ways to make your water taste better. If you want to quench your thirst with delicious and mineral-rich water, don’t forget to try Beloka Water!