8 Ways to Conserve Water At Home


running water and soapIt’s apparent—water is a limited resource; conserving it is only necessary. Of course, I say nothing new. But what matters is the level of importance we attach to the same.

Below are 8 ways to conserve water at home, and it begins with—you!

Stop leaks: It is very easy to replace the worn-our faucets and prevent leaking. Make sure to check all taps and tanks for leakage and stop the same immediately.

Change the flow: You can easily adjust the flow of water coming out of the taps. Simply get a faucet installed and reduce the amount by 25- 50 per cent. Besides, you can bring to use a low-flow showerhead, which will reduce the overall water consumption to less than half.

Instant cold or hot water: Most of us prefer a certain temperature of water. This means we let the water run for a considerable amount of time till the temperature becomes just right. This accounts for a lot of water wastage.

Follow this simple routine and you shall be able to contribute a big deal. For cold water, fill-up a jug and store it in the fridge. Or you can install on-demand systems that allow desired temperature instantly.

Smart gardening: Simple steps like watering the plants before 9 am to prevent evaporation, using a soaker hose in place of a sprinkler and not watering paved areas makes a lot of difference.

Besides, avoid over watering. Lawns need no more than 2.5 cm of water every week. You can also consider xeriscaping, which is an art of landscaping that drastically reduces water usage.

Install water-efficient appliances: Invest in washing machines and dish washers with Energy Star rating. While a qualified appliance uses 7,000 gallons less water per year, an Energy Star uses 430 gallons less water.

Shorter showers: Of course, stepping into a luxury bath is only refreshing, but if you turn off the shower just while soaping-up, it will save a lot of water.

Don’t leave the water running: Whenever you wash dishes with hands, make sure you use a double basin. Fill-up one with soapy water and the other with rinsing water. Follow the same while washing hands and never leave the water running.

Monitor: That’s right! For it saves a lot of water. If you keep a check on your monthly bill, unusual and high usage of water will come to light. This can help discover leaks.

Conserving water comes naturally; it is only a matter of awareness. I do my bit. Do you?