Beloka Water™ Free Sampling Drive


beloka waterIf you are a restaurant/café owner, specialize in the organic or healthy food niche, or are want your guests to experience premium water that doesn’t just quench their thirst, but fills their glasses with the goodness of nature.

Then you maybe interested in our FREE sampling drive!

Ranked as ‘superior’, the highest possible ranking by ‘Fine Waters of the World ’, we are a premium Aussie mineral water brand that water connoisseurs love!

Sourced from the eastern border of the un-spoilt Kosciuszko National Park landscape, and filtered through 500 million year-old geological strata, Beloka Water™ comes packed with natural minerals and a tantalizingly refreshing taste.

Join our sampling drive and get set to serve your guests our healthful naturally still mineral water, or our lightly sparkling mineral water.

Just e-mail me at with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Locations:
  • Restaurant/Café/Business Name:
  • Average Guest List/Average Daily Footfalls:

If you meet our selection criteria I’ll organize FREE sampling for you. We’ll send over cases of Mineral and Sparkling water to your doorstep for free, so that you and your guests can experience the delightful taste of Beloka Water™.