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In Plastics and Cans, a Threat to Women

A few years ago, Jodi Flaws, a bioscientist at the University of Illinois, began testing a theory about the risks to women posed by the widely used industrial compound bisphenol A, or BPA. A series of studies had suggested that it could damage developing ovaries. But nobody knew how. So for a month, Dr. Flaws...
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Common Myths about Drinking Water

Everyone has a theory about water! That drinking water is healthy and even essential is undeniable! But, when it comes to the benefits of water, there are many myths. Here’s where we shatter them! Myth: Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Fact: While doctors do recommend a minimum required amount of...
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Flirty and Sparkling Cocktail Recipes For Valentines Day!

A decadent brunch creates the perfect setting for a languid romantic date. Brunch has also got quite a bit of interesting history dating back to the year 1895. Normally, brunch is part of a holiday like a Sunday when you can wake up a little later than normal and take your time in preparing an...
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The Health Benefits Of Sparkling Mineral Water

  If you were given a choice, what would you pick? Calories, or Health? The latter right? That is why you should pick sparkling mineral water over unhealthy sodas while making cocktails. In addition to that the delicately effervescent taste sparkling water makes cocktails more delightful, and if you choose natural mineral sparkling water like...
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Four Sparkling Water Cocktail Recipes For A Special Date At Home

  Planning romantic evening at home? Great idea! There’s no place like home to spend some quality time together just talking or doing everything but talking:)! If you’ve got the candles and food, all you need are fizzy, fun drinks to set the mood! We’ve put together some great recipes with Beloka Sparkling Water! Sparkling...
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Four Sparkling Water Recipes For A Fun Party!

Allergic to mush? Prefer to spend Valentines Day partying with people you love? Or in the moody for a flirty party? We’ve got the perfect list of sparkly, fizzy drinks that will create just the mood you want! Heady Bourbon Gin fizz Probably one recipe that will stand the test of time for something called...
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Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Drinks!

  How about planning a healthy and fun Valentines day picnic? If you are not a fan of alcohol, you’ll love these sparkly and innovative drink recipes! Pack in a surprise in your picnic basket and sweep your partner of their feet with these cool Beloka Sparkling Water Drinks! Citrus shake Choose the citrus juice...
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4 Sparkling Water Smoothies to Start Your Day With!

Smoothies are just the right drink to consume with breakfast. They are nutritious, full of flavours, and pack a punch, giving you the energy and refreshment to face a stressful day ahead. Start your day with these delicious Sparkling Mineral Water smoothies and Say Cheers To Health! Vanilla Malt Smoothie Milk is rich in calcium,...
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4 Healthy Sparkling Water Drinks to go with Meals!

  Sparkling water’s got many health benefits – it’s good for the bones, it helps manage your cholesterol levels, maintains your weight, and of course, tastes great too! So, why not make your sparkling water even more interesting and add a refreshing dose of great taste while you are at it? Sparkling Punch with Strawberry...
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