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Proud To Be Aussie!

  Proud to be Aussie! Here’s an infographic to celebrate the spirit and history of the land down under!  
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Heady, Fizzy and Healthy Cocktails for an Evening with the Girls!

So, you’re planning a girls’ evening with some fun cocktails and games? While alcohol does contain quite a few calories, you can put a healthy spin on your cocktails by using sparkling water and fruits. Here are a few fun but nutritious cocktail recipes guaranteed to make your party a sure-fire hit! Grapefruit and Gin...
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4 Healthy Sparkling Water Drinks Perfect at Any Hour of the Day!

  It’s good to stay hydrated throughout the day, and it’s even better to go the sparkling water way to keep your body charged up for the entire day. It keeps fatigue away, leaves you feeling fresh and energized. Here are a few of my favourite sparkling water drinks that make staying hydrated great fun!...
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Sparkling Water With Meals! Have You Tried It Yet?

  I have found the lightly effervescent sparkling water to be a great accompaniment with meals as well. Here’s a taste: Sparkling water’s fizz matches with vinaigrette dressings on salads! It also makes for a great accompaniment with appetizers, especially the crispier ones. With a softer dish like pan fried fish, for instance, sparkling water...
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Get that punch right! Try our 10 quick recipes

I love hosting parties, and even more—serving a punch! It was very recently incorporated into my menu. Reasons: I found that acting as a bartender shaking cocktails, takes you away from your guests. More importantly, all the fun, and of course—the gossip! Yes, I could have hired a bartender, but doing that every time can...
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Beloka Water™ Free Sampling Drive

  If you are a restaurant/café owner, specialize in the organic or healthy food niche, or are want your guests to experience premium water that doesn’t just quench their thirst, but fills their glasses with the goodness of nature. Then you maybe interested in our FREE sampling drive! Ranked as ‘superior’, the highest possible ranking...
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Yummy Iced Tea Recipes you haven’t tried!

  My friend recently hosted an afternoon tea party. She called it, ‘The long and short of it’. Interesting! While she had the perfect coffee brewing and these amazingly cool mugs to serve, I quickly decided to grab a tall glass of iced tea. A few days later, I experimented and came up with some...
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Refresh Yourself with Cool Summertime Detox Beverages

  Looking to revive yourself and increase your dipping energy levels this summer? How about going the Detox way with these yummylicious drinks? Lemonade Cleanse Lemons have ascorbic properties, which makes lemons excellent antioxidants. This recipe is a complete no-fuss and allows you to work with just 4 ingredients: Mix 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed...
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Water and 10 tips for Getting Your 8 glasses Daily

  Eight glasses of water is indeed a lot of liquid! Over here, we are talking about cups, and cups… and cups! Even though we all know the benefits of getting those eight glasses right—glowing skin, fat burning, fewer cravings, increased energy, better digestion—it doesn’t make drinking so much of water any less than a...
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