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Yummy Iced Tea Recipes you haven’t tried!

  My friend recently hosted an afternoon tea party. She called it, ‘The long and short of it’. Interesting! While she had the perfect coffee brewing and these amazingly cool mugs to serve, I quickly decided to grab a tall glass of iced tea. A few days later, I experimented and came up with some...
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Refresh Yourself with Cool Summertime Detox Beverages

  Looking to revive yourself and increase your dipping energy levels this summer? How about going the Detox way with these yummylicious drinks? Lemonade Cleanse Lemons have ascorbic properties, which makes lemons excellent antioxidants. This recipe is a complete no-fuss and allows you to work with just 4 ingredients: Mix 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed...
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Water and 10 tips for Getting Your 8 glasses Daily

  Eight glasses of water is indeed a lot of liquid! Over here, we are talking about cups, and cups… and cups! Even though we all know the benefits of getting those eight glasses right—glowing skin, fat burning, fewer cravings, increased energy, better digestion—it doesn’t make drinking so much of water any less than a...
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beloka water still and sparkling on table

Beloka Water Sparkles at the Local Produce Dinner

Beloka Water was the drink of choice at the Food Orbit Local Produce Dinner held at The Bucket List Bondi recently. The event saw the gathering of fans of locally sourced and sustainably grown foods along with celebrities like restaurateur Jared Ingersoll and Sarah Wilson, the author of “I Quit Sugar”. The four-course meal prepared...
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beloka water in shanghai

Beloka Water Visits Shanghai

  Just wanted to share some news about our Shanghai trip! We visited China as a part of Fine Water Summit and Pavilion, which is an honor in itself! Each year, the Fine Water jury carefully selects participants and places them under various categories. This time around, the summit took place in Shanghai from April...
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8 Ways to Conserve Water At Home

  It’s apparent—water is a limited resource; conserving it is only necessary. Of course, I say nothing new. But what matters is the level of importance we attach to the same. Below are 8 ways to conserve water at home, and it begins with—you! Stop leaks: It is very easy to replace the worn-our faucets...
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A Few Cool Bubbly Recipes for Kids

  A little fizz here and a lot of color there—good looking drinks have become such a fad with kids. But serving soda, canned juice and their likes is only harmful. Below are a bunch of delicious recipes that are easy, fun and very bubbly: Sparkling water drink The drink looks great and tastes even...
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Slim Tip: Drink Water to Curb Sugar Cravings

  Sweet tooth—we all have it, don’t we? In fact, we usually hear ourselves saying, “Just a little won’t harm.” While that is true, consuming a bit extra (which is the case) is not great for us. The question here arises: how to stop sugar cravings? The answer: drink water! Before we reveal our slim...
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martini drink

Good Ol’ MartiniS– With a Splash of Sparkling

  Posh, luxurious and very elegant; Martini is a classic! For a healthy happy hour, twist the good ol’ Martini with a splash of sparking water. Spike the concoction with fresh produce and herbs, and add a dash of ‘garnish’ glamor. Result: a good looking brew of everything Purdy! A few recipes to get you...
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