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Is Mineral Water Good For You?

  Mineral water is one of the most underrated health foods out there. Drinking water is undoubtedly good for your health, but sometimes normal tap water doesn’t cut it. Not only is mineral water rich in essential nutrients, but it is also natural and preservative-free. Supplementing your diet with Beloka Mineral Water will build your...
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Beloka Water Production Plant

Bringing Snowy Mountains waters to life

Beloka Water natural spring water is captured and bottled at a property near Dalgety. Joe Commisso, who is head of Quality Management and Constructions, originally bought the property so he could teach his grandchildren about hunting and a bit about farming: a sort of getaway. It was when he decided to plant more olives on...
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Joe Commisso

Beloka’s wellspring

  MINERAL water sourced and bottled at the edge of the Kosciuszko National Park is making its way to tables across the world. Beloka Water was started by Joe Commisso (pictured inset) — better known for his Sydney -based civil engineering company, Quality Management and Constructions — after he stumbled across the resource on his...
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Mineral v Tap

Chlorination: Heart Disease & Cancer Is the chlorine in our municipal drinking water acting as a catalyst triggering tumor development both in atherosclerosis (heart disease) and cancer? In the late 1960′s Joseph Price, MD.., wrote a fascinating, yet largely ignored book entitled, Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine. Based on his experiments he boldly shows, “Nothing can negate…...
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beloka water still and sparkling mineral water bottles

More Water

10 Reasons to Drink More Water !!! Your mother may have told you to drink more water when you were young, but you may ignored the advice. As being a logical person, you need reasons on why spending all those time to drink water. Here you go – The Ririan Project gives 10 reasons why...
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Your Health

  Health Mistakes You Might Be Making Many people still are avoiding drinking their eight glasses of water a day. While the actual source of this advice is unknown, it’s been shown that Health is not a process of being perfect. Being healthy is a gradual process of learning what feeds your body and what...
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Weight Loss

French women seem to enjoy breads, desserts, and wine, but then don’t gain the weight. American women, on the other hand, just think about snacking and magiacally put on ten pounds. In her bestselling book, French Women Don’t Get Fat : The Secret of Eating For Pleasure, Mirelle Guiliano reveals the secrets that French women...
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autism advisory

The Concert For Autism 2014

Some of the most talented Italian-Australian entertainers will give voice to the cause of autism at Club Marconi on Friday, November 21st. Organised by entertainer JOHN ST. PEETERS, the concert will bring together fourteen (14) Italian-Australians including Teresa Vee,Tony Di Marti, Roseanno Gallo who will help raise awareness on autism as well as funds to...
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smooth fm

Beloka Water supports SmoothFM95.3 Chocolate Festiv

  Beloka Water is proud to support @smoothfm95.3 Festival of Chocolate coming to The Rocks on the weekend of October 4 & 5. For two days, you will be able to enjoy a range of activities and indulge in mouth-watering delights of Macarons, chocolate bombs, Canoli, mousse, ice cream and rocky road! You will also...
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