woman drinking water from glass

Water: how much should you drink every day?

These days, there’s always so much health advice coming from so many different directions that it can be difficult to know who to listen to! However, one piece of advice that’s always repeated by any health fanatic or doctor you speak to is to drink plenty of water. Many of us will then wonder, exactly...
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Beloka Water: Premium Australian Mineral Water

What sets Beloka Water apart from other mineral waters on the market is its purity, its rich mineral content and its 100% Australian origins — from sourcing to bottling. Unlike other mineral water brands, we are meticulous about maintaining quality, every step of the way. Whether you’re drinking, serving or selling still or sparkling Beloka...
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Grace and Joe Commisso

World’s Best Drinking Water

WHEN some of the finest water sommeliers gathered in China to savour the best tasting water in the world, few expected a Western Sydney brand would came up trumps. After all the swirling, sniffing and spitting was done, Bella Vista based Beloka Water took home the top gong for the world’s best tasting sparkling water....
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private label bottle water

Private Label: Custom Labelled Bottled Water

Effective branding strategies are important to the success of any business, but going the extra mile from the expected is a surefire method to fast-track the popularity boom every business owner so desires. Sure, designing a stunning logo and dynamic business website are great first steps to getting your business’ name out there, but the...
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Beloka Water Warehouse

Wholesale Mineral Water: Pallets of Bottled Water

Keep your customers hydrated with pure, clean, 100% Australian water when you order wholesale mineral water from Beloka Water. We offer free delivery all over Australia, whenever you order six cases or more. Why your customers will love Beloka Water It’s strange that many restaurants and hotels sell water from Europe, when, right here in...
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beloka water natural spring water

Natural Mineral Water or Filtered Water – What is the Best Water to Drink

Most people know that drinking eight glasses of water a day can improve health, boost energy levels and support well-being. However, not all water is equal. For example, the contents of tap water are quite different to those of bottled water. Plus, there are many other types to think about, such as filtered water, mineral...
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smelly water

Why does my tap water smell like rotten eggs?

Regardless of where you live in Australia, local water authorities continuously receive complaints about the quality of water being received by local households. In the vast majority of circumstances, these changes are completely harmless. This is regardless of whether the colour of the water has changed or the smell is noticeably different. One such complaint...
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Bottled Mineral Water vs Tap Water

We all know tap water in Australia is safe to drink, and unlike the quality of tap water in other countries overseas, we can rely on it as a safe drinking source. However, that isn’t to say tap water is completely free of contaminants. In much of the tap water around Australia, various relatively harmless...
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kids with glass of water

Beloka Water Is Safe For Kids

Sometimes it can be a bit of a chore sorting through what you should and shouldn’t give your children to eat. When should you start them on solids? Six months or younger? When should you stop breastfeeding? When should you allow your child to have the odd sweet treat? All of these questions are ones...
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