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A Few Reasons Why Beloka Water is the Perfect Choice for Distributors

When it comes to wholesale mineral water, there are so many choices out there that it can be difficult to distinguish which products will offer your customers premium quality whilst keeping costs to a minimum. However, for distributors looking for superior Australian water that’s a cut above the rest, Beloka Water offers the best possible...
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Many Brands of Bottled Water May Not Be As Pure As You Think

What is really in our water? We at Beloka Water considered this question recently and did our own research into the answer. Check out our conclusions here. And now a recent study carried out by the journalism organisation Orb Media has turned up some disturbing and potentially risky concerns about the purity of bottled drinking...
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beloka water sparkling taste awards 2018

International Water Tasting Competition | Ecuador 2018

When it comes to the wealth of mineral and sparkling water choices available, water is never “just water”. Each mineral water has its own specific flavour, depending on its origin and the quality of the bottling process. A slight change in soil pH, a different climate or varying rock types all impart a slightly different...
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drinking straws

Who Invented the Drinking Straw?

You see them in cocktails, pushed into children’s drink boxes and poking through takeaway cups. They’ve appeared in movies, ad campaigns and on TV shows. It’s the humble drinking straw. You’ve probably never given them all that much thought, but they have made our lives easier by allowing us to drink more efficiently from containers....
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beloka water mineral water plant

Why You Should Choose Glass Bottles

What’s better for your drinking water – glass or plastic bottles? Good question. Frequently, it is the glass option for two main reasons – they are better for the environment and healthier to drink from. The history of plastic bottles You might not believe it, but before plastic bottles were invented, all bottles were made...
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How to Filter Chlorine out of Your Tap Water

Most drinking water that comes from the tap has traces of chlorine in it. This is because most water treatment plants around the world, including in Australia, use chlorine to treat the water. The chlorine assists in killing microorganisms that can be found in the water. Although it’s good to get rid of potentially harmful...
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lemon mint cucumber water

7 Natural Ways to Flavour Water

Drinking plenty of water is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle, there are lots of ways to make sure you consume the right amount to keep your mind and body working perfectly. Beloka Water is a pure, mineral-packed water sourced entirely from Australia – it will not only help you to feel better, but...
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woman drinking water from glass

Water: how much should you drink every day?

These days, there’s always so much health advice coming from so many different directions that it can be difficult to know who to listen to! However, one piece of advice that’s always repeated by any health fanatic or doctor you speak to is to drink plenty of water. Many of us will then wonder, exactly...
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Beloka Water: Premium Australian Mineral Water

What sets Beloka Water apart from other mineral waters on the market is its purity, its rich mineral content and its 100% Australian origins — from sourcing to bottling. Unlike other mineral water brands, we are meticulous about maintaining quality, every step of the way. Whether you’re drinking, serving or selling still or sparkling Beloka...
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