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The A-Z of Beloka Water

If there’s one thing that can describe Beloka Water, it would be “mineral-rich”. Our water is sourced from the unspoilt Kosciuszko National Park and is filtered through 500 million-year-old geological strata. This world-class, pure, pristine water from deep in the heart of Australia is pure, full-flavoured, and is rich in minerals that are nothing but...
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Beloka Water

Let’s Take You to Our Source!

Did you know that for every bottle of Beloka Water you drink, you partake in geological history? This is because we source our mineral-rich water from the unspoilt Kosciuszko national park, where it is filtered through 500-million-year-old geological strata. Beloka Water founder Joe Commisso first discovered the source of our pristine water in a large...
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Variety the children's charity

Beloka Water to Sponsor Charity Event to Help Children in Need

Beloka Water, the family-owned manufacturer of pristine and mineral-rich bottled water, will be sponsoring the Variety AFL Great Grand Final Lunch this September 28, 2016 at Palladium at Crown. Beloka Water has committed to provide 1200 bottles of 200 mL Beloka Naturally Still and Sparkling Water. We will also be providing 600 of our 750mL bottles, which will be placed on...
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Beloka Water Cracks Chinese Export Market

Local beverage producer Beloka Water is the latest company to crack the export market into China where the insatiable demand for high-quality food and beverages is driving economic growth in regional NSW. Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events and Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres said Beloka Water is a prime example of the ‘clean,...
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Joe Commisso Discovers Latest Venture While on the Verge of Retirement

Joe Commisso was just about ready to retire to an old sheep farm when he struck liquid gold. The 61-year-old head of Quality Management & Constructions now has his eyes set on his latest venture, Beloka Water but he admits that wasn’t always the plan. He purchased the parcel of land located outside Dalgety, at the...
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beloka water

Beloka Water™ Free Sampling Drive

  If you are a restaurant/café owner, specialize in the organic or healthy food niche, or are want your guests to experience premium water that doesn’t just quench their thirst, but fills their glasses with the goodness of nature. Then you maybe interested in our FREE sampling drive! Ranked as ‘superior’, the highest possible ranking...
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Beloka Water Sparkles at the Local Produce Dinner

Beloka Water was the drink of choice at the Food Orbit Local Produce Dinner held at The Bucket List Bondi recently. The event saw the gathering of fans of locally sourced and sustainably grown foods along with celebrities like restaurateur Jared Ingersoll and Sarah Wilson, the author of “I Quit Sugar”. The four-course meal prepared...
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beloka water in shanghai

Beloka Water Visits Shanghai

  Just wanted to share some news about our Shanghai trip! We visited China as a part of Fine Water Summit and Pavilion, which is an honor in itself! Each year, the Fine Water jury carefully selects participants and places them under various categories. This time around, the summit took place in Shanghai from April...
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Beloka Water Production Plant

Bringing Snowy Mountains waters to life

Beloka Water natural spring water is captured and bottled at a property near Dalgety. Joe Commisso, who is head of Quality Management and Constructions, originally bought the property so he could teach his grandchildren about hunting and a bit about farming: a sort of getaway. It was when he decided to plant more olives on...
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Joe Commisso

Beloka’s wellspring

  MINERAL water sourced and bottled at the edge of the Kosciuszko National Park is making its way to tables across the world. Beloka Water was started by Joe Commisso (pictured inset) — better known for his Sydney -based civil engineering company, Quality Management and Constructions — after he stumbled across the resource on his...
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