Have you considered Beloka Water cleanskins?

If you have a special event planned, it’s the little touches which can make all the difference. A trend which is growing in popularity is the use of custom labelling on the products that are used at the occasion. Branded or personalised stationery, for example, can add a personalised accent that’s extremely appealing. Banners, balloons, table decorations and cakes are all options where a custom answer can work really well. For customers who want their beverages to be themed along with the rest of their event, water cleanskins on their Beloka Water could be the perfect option. Read on to discover more about the way in which distinctive labelling could absolutely transform your special day or evening.

beloka water cleanskin wedding event

Any quantity of cleanskins available

When bottles are left clear for your own branding or labels to be applied, they are known as “cleanskins”. We are able to offer our customers anything from two cartons of cleanskins upwards. Because we are able to supply lower volumes, Beloka Water is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, retirement events or smaller corporate occasions where fewer bottles are likely to be needed. For bigger affairs, we can provide more water at a discounted price, giving you an appealing economy of scale when you buy your cleanskins from us.

Cleanskins make the perfect gift

Once your label is on the bottle, you have a delightfully attractive item which isn’t just a great option to drink at any event, it’s also perfect as a keepsake, gift or complimentary present for guests, delegates or similar. As well as being ideal for weddings, cleanskins can be used at corporate days, conferences, corporate celebrations, conventions, festivals and any other occasion where you may want to make your audience feel valued. Not only does our water provide premium hydration with a unique, attractive flavour, but by using your own labels, your guests end up with an item that sends out your own personal message, direct to them.

beloka water cleanskin wedding event

An absolute must for weddings

When you buy cleanskins from us, you benefit from a selection of different sizes, as well as the choice of sparkling or still water. Whether you opt for a smaller 200ml water size or feel a 750ml option is going to be more appropriate, we can cater to your needs. Our bottle tops are colour coded to ensure guests are always clear about the type of water they will be enjoying: a silver cap indicates still water whereas a red cap is indicative of sparkling water. If you’re not sure how much or what size water to order, our experienced team are always happy to advise.

Cleanskin water can help make your special day even better

As one delighted couple commented, “We would love to thank Beloka Water for providing us with still and sparkling water to meet our needs to help make our wedding day be everything we dreamt of. The whole process was so easy from getting the glass bottles without labels delivered to our location of choice and all with exceptional customer service. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful service you provided. It didn’t matter if you were holding a bottle of water with the photographer around as they are the perfect size with a touch of elegance.” (Jamie and Samantha)

We look forward to being able to do our bit in making your day wonderful.

beloka water cleanskin wedding event

Use us for your labels, or print your own

We can arrange for high-quality, custom labels to be printed and attached directly on to your bottles, or you can provide appropriate labels from your local printer. When you use us, you benefit from high-grade labels which will be designed to your specifications. Labels are available in a selection of different colours, fonts, shapes and sizes, so you should be able to get one that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Although the finished product looks and tastes amazing, the reality is that cleanskins water is a cost-effective choice: labels are relatively inexpensive to print and our water is competitively priced, enabling you to end up with a beautiful, personalised beverage at a very reasonable cost.

To find out more about our cleanskins or to place your order contact us.