Dolce Terra – healthy food comes from healthy ingredients

One of the things we love about selling Beloka Water is the opportunities it brings to partner with amazing chefs, restaurateurs, cafe owners and prominent hospitality figures. As you might’ve noticed, we’ve been featuring some of them on our blog lately. The past few weeks have seen us visiting Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant in Bella Vista, Butcher and The Farmer in Glebe and Momo Bar in Manly. We’ve also partnered with Variety, a charity dedicated to children in need.

Today, we continue the trend. Let us introduce you to Dolce Terra. This fabulous eatery based in Manly is devoted to healthy, nutritious food. Eat brekkie or dinner here and you’ll be ready for anything – from nabbing a job promotion to conquering a mountain! As any health care professional will tell you, eating well is crucial to performing well, both mentally and physically. Good food can banish away the blues. We’re incredibly proud that Dolce Terra has chosen to put us on their menu.

And, by the way – just in case you’re wondering – Dolce Terra means “sweet earth”. It’s definitely a fitting name.

dolce terra

The setting

Let’s start by setting the scene. Dolce Terra’s home is a colourful neighbourhood corner on Manly’s famous Corso. All you have to do is find the spot where Raglan and Short Streets meet. It’s literally two minutes’ walk from the beach, so there’s nothing to stop you heading straight there after a swim or seaside stroll. Say goodbye to your usual seaside options, which are often so heavy on oil and grease!

If you’re in a hurry or up for a picnic, grab some takeaway and head on your way. Alternatively, settle into one of Dolce Terra’s classic bentwood timber seats and relax. There’s seating both inside and outside: it’s up to you. If you’re inside, you won’t miss out on a view, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, which let in plenty of natural sunshine. Cascading greenery and splashes of copper add to the light, airy feel.

The concept

Fundamentally, Dolce Terra is all about taking nutrition to a whole new level. Ever since opening in January 2014, restaurateur David Gray (who’s owned venues around Manly for years) and chef Jacqui Gowan have been determined to bring diners the freshest possible ingredients, combined in ways that are undeniably delicious, yet super-healthy. Their work has attracted the attention and appetites of major athletes, such as professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, rugby union player Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins, Australian sprint champion Katie Williams and Olympic athlete Mariafe Artacho del Solar.

We’re so pleased that Dolce Terra found a perfect match in Beloka Water. Being packed with magnesium, calcium, potassium and silica, it gives diners an extra nutritional boost.

dolce terra

What’s on the menu?

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You know it’s healthy and nutritious, but what, exactly, is on the Dolce Terra menu? The good news is you get to decide what you eat.

Here’s how it works. You start out by choosing a protein. These include the usual suspects, such as seafood, tuna and chicken, and are sourced from producers who practise sustainable techniques. Next up, make your selection from a variety of salads. These vary, depending on the availability of premium quality produce, but you can rest assured they’re all completely free of gluten and dairy. Finally, add more nutrition and flavour, by opting for nuts, seeds and/or condiments. Again, these are forever evolving: one day, you might be offered chia seeds and beetroot hummus; the next, you’ll be feasting on pumpkin seeds and kale.

If you’re utterly confused or in need of some dietary advice, the Dolce Terra team will happily help. They’re all experts in nutrition! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or planning to win a swimming championship, go ahead and let them know.


Like all fitness freaks and nutrition junkies, Dolce Terra gets started early. Plus, it never stops. Swing by anytime between 7am and 3:30pm, seven days a week. Eggs are available after 8am.

Dolce Terra is at the corner of Raglan and Short Streets, Manly. Get in touch on (02) 9977 0005.