Why Is Drinking Alkaline Water Good For You?

First published October 6th, 2017. Last updated on November 11th, 2019. 

Drinking alkaline water can assist in lowering your body’s acidity level. Over time, this can help you to look and feel younger for longer. In addition, decreased acidity offers the possibilities of reducing the risk of cancer, making weight loss easier, supporting the immune system and boosting detoxification. What’s more, alkaline water contains minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, that are crucial to the body’s functioning.

What is alkaline water?

All water has a specific pH level, rated between 0 and 14. While a low pH level, such as 1 or 2, represents acidity, a pH level of 7+ represents alkalinity. A neutral pH of 7 is where our blood should be at to transport blood successfully.

Every food you consume has a pH level. While cheese and wine are usually highly acidic, spinach and most other greens are alkaline. The same goes for fluids, including water. Alkaline water typically has a pH of 7+.

Beloka Water pH 7.57 typical analysis

As natural spring water is rich in minerals, it is either a neutral or slightly high pH. Our water pH is typically 7.57, periodically tested by an independent third party. This means that if you drink this slightly alkaline water, it will help to reduce the levels of acidity in your body. It will also contribute to reducing the amount of damage caused by free radicals. The taste of spring water also tends to be more refreshing than other waters. Natural spring water comes out as a winner for us every single time.

Reducing the effects of ageing

Ageing and age-related illnesses are often the result of two factors: acids and free radicals. The former are waste products, created by the body, while the latter are commonly associated with polluting substances, such as fried foods, tobacco, alcohol and pesticides.

The good news is that alkaline water can help on both fronts. On one hand, its high pH tends to have a neutralising effect, lessening the detrimental impact of acids. On the other, its antioxidant powers have the potential to scavenge free radicals, so they don’t do so much damage to your DNA.

Weight loss

Weight gain isn’t just about eating too much. It’s also about the type of food you eat. These days, many diets are laden with junk food, which is high in acid. When the body digests such food, it tends to create fat cells, in an attempt to neutralise. That’s where alkaline water can step in. It neutralises naturally, so the body has less need to produce cells that store fat.

Lowering the risk of cancer

As a general rule, cancer cells like environments that are acidic and are unable to survive in alkaline surroundings. When the body is bombarded with acidic substances, it can react by sending excess acid to cells. These cells can become cancerous and, once they do, create their own acid, to ensure their survival. Hence, once cancer is established, it’s difficult to boost pH levels. When you drink alkaline water, you encourage your body to maintain a neutral environment.

water glass yoga mat

Minerals and health benefits

Alkaline water comes packed full of nutrients, unlike a lot of tap water, which is often stripped of its goodness, thanks to the addition of nasty chemicals, such as chlorine.

For a start, alkaline water contains calcium, which plays an important role in bone, bone marrow and teeth health. Meanwhile, magnesium is crucial to more than 300 enzyme-based processes in the body. Just some of these are the metabolising of food, the sending and receiving of nerve impulses and the synthesising of fatty acids. Magnesium deficiency is linked with all kinds of health issues, from diabetes and heart disease to anxiety and menstrual pain.

In addition to calcium and magnesium, alkaline water contains several other trace elements, including potassium, silica, selenium, calcium fluoride and importantly high bicarbonate.

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Beloka Water is typically slightly alkaline water that offers all the benefits discussed above. To learn more about these benefits, feel free to get in touch with us today.