Flirty and Sparkling Cocktail Recipes For Valentines Day!


A decadent brunch creates the perfect setting for a languid romantic date.

Brunch has also got quite a bit of interesting history dating back to the year 1895. Normally, brunch is part of a holiday like a Sunday when you can wake up a little later than normal and take your time in preparing an elaborate brunch.

You can re-create that relaxed holiday mood this Valentines Day with a thoughtfully planned brunch complete with fun, fizzy, Beloka Sparkling Water drinks!

Here are my picks of some really popular recipes created with fruit and Beloka Sparkling Water .

Romantic Sangria

Make your brunch romantic with a glass of sangria! Blend together 4 cups of dry white wine and 1 cup each of orange juice and fruits like peach, lemon, nectarine, cherry and plum.

Add a 1/4th cup liqueur and 2 cups of Beloka Sparkling Water to make your drink tantalizingly sparkly!

Sexy Fruit Punch

Probably one of the most refreshing drinks that you can concoct is a fruit punch. This would bring together the juice of three oranges, two lemons to which you can add Beloka Sparkling Water.

You may also add 180 ml of lemonade concentrate or one litre of apple cider. Give a romantic twist to the classic fruit punch by adding a cup of watermelon of strawberry juice, both of which are considered to be potent aphrodisiacs!

Naughty Cranberry concoction

Cranberries are known as effective tool for amorous pursuits the world over. In the mood for some fun, post brunch? Start with this naughty Cranberry concoction!

Mix 85 ml of cranberry juice, 30 ml of pink lemonade and 30 ml Beloka Sparkling Water and your concoction for love is ready!