Free Delivery Australia Wide When You Order 6 Cartons or More

If you’re looking for a bottled water delivery service for your business or office, there’s no better place to go than Beloka Water. Our water is sourced from the idyllic mountains of New South Wales. Bottled right away for that pure, fresh taste that all of our customers love so much. The sparkling mineral water we package up here at Beloka can be delivered to your company anywhere in Australia in no time at all, straight from the snowy mountains to your front door.

If the thought of sparkling mineral water filtered in the Australian alps wasn’t already thirst-quenching enough, you can also get free delivery Australia-wide when you order 6 cartons or more from Beloka Water today. This is a truly amazing deal from a supplier of fine water such as Beloka, as normally investing in bulk mineral water for your employees would cost you an absolute fortune in delivery costs. By choosing us, you’re not only selecting the finest water on the market, but you’re making a sound financial and environmentally conscientious decision too.

Beloka Water Warehouse

Unlike many other water suppliers, Beloka water is all-Australian. Everything about our product, from the bottle caps and labels to the glass bottles it comes in, is sourced right here in this country. There’s no other company who does local, sustainable bottled water available for delivery quite like us. Our locally-produced glass bottles aren’t just great for the environment either, it means that the water tastes amazing too! There’s no harmful chemicals from any type of plastic here that might affect the delicate mineral composition of our sparkling water, so you can enjoy the completely natural taste of Beloka water knowing exactly what you’re drinking. There’s no worry of wastage either, as Beloka water has a very long shelf life, so you can stock up thanks to the generous discount offers we have available on bulk orders, with no concerns about having to throw any of our products away.

We already supply our sparkling mineral water to countless hospitality venues across the country, including restaurants, hotels and function companies. Increasingly, however, we have many clients who order our quality water for offices, in order to supply their employees with the ingredients in mineral water that promote health and vitality, that can’t usually be found in bog standard office water cooler bottles. Sparkling mineral water from Beloka contains a variety of beneficial minerals and compounds, including sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate, silica and calcium. These elements are completely natural, and come from the rocks that the water is filtered and purified through.

By choosing Beloka water, you’re sending a message to your employees that you truly value them, and that you want the water you’re supplying to the hard workers in your business to be of the best quality available. We also offer private labels on our sparkling water, so if you’d like to have beautifully designed, company branded bottles for an extra fee, this too can be a possibility. Perfect for sending out an unspoken message to visitors to the company – be it for high-profile interviews or business meetings – that you have established a personal brand that treats people with respect and integrity.

To find out more about our quality sparkling mineral water, talk to us here at Beloka Water today. Our friendly customer service team are always on hand to discuss our products with those interested, and will be able to let you know more about the promotional offers we have available currently for free delivery on bulk bottled water supplies.


Australia wide when you order 6 cartons or more!