How Long Does Fruit-Infused Water Last?

If you’re one of the growing number of people who are picking health-conscious, tasty beverages over more traditional, sugary soft drinks, you’ll either have already discovered fruit-infused water or be eager to try out a delicious, refreshing alternative to soda or juice. Packed with flavour and suitable for anything from al fresco dining through to lunch boxes, an alternative to juice at the breakfast table or as a delightful grown-up soft drink, it’s time to wake up to the possibilities which fruit-infused water can bring.

Recipes for fruit-infused water

Essentially, fruit-infused water is simply a good-quality mineral water or still water which has had fruit added to it. Once you’ve added the fruit or other ingredients you like, store the water in the fridge in a glass pitcher, jug, bowl or similar container. Some fruits, for example berries, benefit from “muddling”. This involves pressing them against the side of the pitcher with a “muddler” in order to release more of the flavour. The mixture is left to stand (typically between two to four hours for a delicate flavour, or overnight if a stronger taste is required. After standing and straining, the infused water is ready to drink – simply decant into a glass, or pour into a bottle ready for hydration on the go.

Plenty of flavour combinations

Almost any combination of fruit can work well, depending on your personal preferences. Citrus fruits are always a popular choice – if you’re going to leave them to infuse for a longer period of time, make sure the skins are removed to prevent bitterness from developing. Other combinations include berries (strawberries and blueberries are always popular options) and herbs: basil and mint are often the preferred choices, but there’s no reason why you can’t also use sage or rosemary for a sharper, more astringent flavour. Vegetables also make great additions to infused water; cucumber is always a favourite. Generally the ingredients need to be soft and fairly malleable in order to release their flavour easily. Why not try cucumber and lemon, or orange with clementine?

fruit infused water

Why opt for fruit-infused water?

Aside from the obvious fact that it tastes absolutely fantastic and can be customised to your individual tastes, fruit-infused water has a number of other benefits. Virtually calorie free, it’s suitable for anyone that wants to watch their sugar intake without compromising on the flavour of their beverages. Because infused water is naturally low in sugar, it’s much kinder to teeth than fruit juice or soda. Particularly when it comes to drinking options for children, a fruit-infused water can be a great choice. Infused water makes hydration easy, as its fresh taste is highly palatable.

How long can fruit-infused water last for?

Experienced infusers suggest that, once infused, the water should be kept for no longer than three days if it’s refrigerated. If it’s not refrigerated, then it shouldn’t be kept longer than a day. For optimal flavour, the fruit should be removed after a maximum of twelve-hours or so – longer and the water begins to turn bitter. It’s possible to re-use the fruit for more than one batch of water, but obviously, if it starts to look a little weary, it’s time to replace it with fresh infusion ingredients.

Fruit-infused water makes any occasion special

It’s not just suitable for everyday use, fruit-infused water is also perfect for parties, dinners, barbecues and similar social events. A great non-alcoholic beverage, it’s versatile enough to work well at any time of day. Whether you’re considering a special breakfast or want a lunchtime beverage that’s fresh and appealing, fruit-infused water works well. Infused mineral water, whether still or sparkling, can be the perfect solution for a long, refreshing, healthy drinks choice.

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