Our Commitment to the Environment

When Beloka Water founder and CEO Joe Commisso first discovered the water in the aquifer below his property at the foot of the Snowy Mountains, he made his intentions clear that his company would be committed to protecting the environment. If he were to sell incredibly pristine water with a high minerality, the best way to keep it that way is to care for its source.

After realising the great potential that the water on his property possesses, Beloka Water started working on obtaining approval from the NSW Department of Primary Industries Office of Water for extraction. Once we received our extraction licence, we became steadfast in minimising our impact to the surrounding area of our extraction site. This ensures that our spring water emerges from its source without unnecessary human interaction which might affect the quality of our water.

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What’s more, we bottle the water right there, at the source, and only in glass bottles to ensure it is as fresh and pure as nature had made it. This has allowed us to garner recognition as a Fine Water of the World.

We also ensure that our production remains sustainable. To do this, we make sure to source everything from the caps, labels, and boxes from within Australia. What’s more, we use 42 percent recycled glass. This means our water is not only delicious and safe to drink, but also environmentally conscious.

At Beloka water, we are dedicated to simple yet clear values of maintaining a quality product, minimising our impact on the environment through using sustainable and responsible practices, supporting Australian businesses throughout our processes, and offering friendly and accommodating services to our customers. These are the reasons why many hotels, restaurants, and cafes trust our brand and stock our water on their shelves.