Private Label: Custom Labelled Bottled Water

Effective branding strategies are important to the success of any business, but going the extra mile from the expected is a surefire method to fast-track the popularity boom every business owner so desires.

Sure, designing a stunning logo and dynamic business website are great first steps to getting your business’ name out there, but the marketing and growth goldmine that is the promotional products arena cannot be understated.

At Beloka Water, we offer exceptional corporate branded products that are sure to impress, as well as making your business as memorable as possible to those who use your services.

Beloka Water’s promotional product services

If you are a distributor or in the restaurant business, Beloka Water’s corporate branded products are ideal for you.

Bottled water is a hot commodity that is always in demand in the food and distribution industries, so why not put your brand front and centre on your very own private label?

Investing in the promotional product arena of marketing, such as ordering Beloka Water’s custom labelled bottled water, is a fantastic way to show your customers and clients how seriously you take your business and its success. In turn, dipping your toe into the corporate branding sphere will inevitably lead to returning customers and new referrals – an incredible return on investment you won’t regret!

The benefits of offering branded private label water to your clients and customers are vast. Every restaurant, cafe or food distributor knows the immense supply and demand associated with bottled water. It is always sure to sell, and is always in demand. Therefore, offering custom labelled bottled water should be your first point of call in the promotional products world.

In addition, by offering only the best quality water in your innovative custom label bottled water range, visitors will naturally think of optimum quality products when they think of your business. The Beloka Water that fills your branded bottles is of the utmost quality and is sourced directly from the pristine Australia Alps. The benefits of working with Beloka Water really are endless!

Clients that love our private label bottled water

The day to day running of a café or restaurant is a non-stop juggling act, with the end objective being to offer your customers a second-to-none hospitality experience that is sure to bring them back time after time. Of course, growing your existing customer base and making a tidy profit are paramount to business success as well.

The competitive nature of the hospitality industry, and the explosion of ‘café culture’ seeing new and attractive food retailers opening daily, can make keeping ahead of the competition difficult and a daily challenge.

Custom labelled water bottles from Beloka Water are that competitive element that will put you fair and square ahead of the pack.

private label bottle water

Don’t believe us? Beloka Water has an ever-growing client base, including restaurateur and television presenter Luke Mangan, and cult hotspots St Drogo’s Café and Candelori’s Restaurant. These happy clients, plus many more, love the mineral-rich, high-quality water Beloka Water offers within their custom-branded bottles.

Are you a hotel, restaurant, café, food distributor or business that understands the marketing benefits of promotional products, and thinks adding Beloka Water custom bottles to your inventory is the answer to taking your brand to the next level?

We welcome each and every prospective client, and enjoy working closely with them to strategise the best possible branded water bottle designs that really pack a promotional punch.

Contact us today on 1800 BELOKA for a chat with a corporate branding expert who knows just how to grow your business the right way!


Australia wide when you order 6 cartons or more!