Should You Drink Water Before, After, or 30 Minutes After Every Meal?

table with food and water

It goes without saying that keeping the body hydrated day in and day out is an important precursor to having a healthy body. Drinking enough water allows the body to function well, energizes the muscles, keeps the skin looking good, aids kidney function, and helps maintain normal bowel function.

While most people would only drink water when they feel like it, some studies suggest that timing may play a crucial role if you want to make the most out of the water you drink. This merits the question when is the perfect time to take a sip of water?

To aid digestion, experts suggest drinking a glass of water one hour before a meal. Moreover, doing so actually helps you consume fewer calories by providing a sense of fullness. In the long run, this practice helps aid weight loss.

On the other hand, there are experts that claim drinking water immediately after a meal can dilute digestive juices which can make the digestion process less efficient. To avoid this, people are advised to gulp down water at least 30 minutes after every meal.

However, some argue that there is no real danger in this since water and other liquids help break down food so that your body can absorb the nutrients. Water also softens stool, which helps prevent constipation.

There’s no denying that proper hydration is one of the key elements to having a healthy body. For this purpose, why not try Beloka Water? It will not only help boost your digestion but it is also filled with nutrients and natural ingredients that are good for you!