How to stay Dry in July

Do you like the idea of raising money for charity at the same time as giving your health a boost? If so, then stay Dry in July could be with you. Originally started by three Ozzie guys who decided to take a break from drinking for a month (hence dry July), at the same time as raising money for a relative who had cancer. They stuck to non-alcoholic drinks for July, donating the money they had saved towards a new television for the waiting room at their local hospital. This marked the start of what has now become a national campaign across Oz – people are encouraged to stick to non-alcoholic drinks throughout July, giving the money saved, as well as any additional cash they can get through sponsored events or similar, to a number of different cancer charities.

Health benefits to stay Dry in July

Even quitting the booze for a few weeks can result in a number of noticeable short-term health benefits for many people. The feelings of sluggishness which can accompany regular drinking may disappear within days. Some participants report better sleeping patterns, a clearer head and generally a greater sense of well-being. In addition, particularly if you switch to lower calorie alternatives to alcohol, it’s also possible to drop a few pounds with no other changes in your diet and lifestyle. What’s not to like?

Getting started with Dry in July

One of the biggest challenges for people committed to a dry July is finding tasty alternatives to their usual alcoholic beverage. Hot drinks don’t really cut it at the pub or at a party and many people find fizzy drinks, pop or soda too gassy for regular consumption, or dislike the artificial additives which go into them. If you want a refreshing, delicately flavoured alternative, have you thought about Beloka Water?

Still or sparkling mineral water – naturally Australian

Beloka Water is one of Australia’s premium mineral waters. Sourced from a natural spring which flows through the ancient rocks which lie deep beneath the Snowy Mountains. Carefully contained in glass bottles to ensure the flavour remains at its best when it reaches you, each bottle of Beloka Water is as clear and fresh as it was at the source. The unique flavour of Beloka Water is achieved through the mineral content: as the water stream travels through the Snowy Mountains, small mineral particles detach from the surrounding rock and are held in suspension in the water. The blend of minerals is what gives our water its amazing taste. In addition, the minerals contained in our mineral water can also provide your body with some of the micronutrients it needs for optimal well-being. Beloka Water is far more than simply water!

Drink Beloka Water alone, or with a twist

Because Beloka Water has a more intriguing flavour than tap water, a number of drinkers prefer to opt for their water served cold, with no more than a slice. If you prefer a change to still water, we also offer sparkling Beloka Water – this is still water which has been infused with carbon dioxide to give it a gentle fizz! For people who want more variety in their beverages, or the chance to try something new, why not take a look at our suggestions for infused water – natural flavourings from fruit and herbs add a delicious kick to your drink.

fruit infused water

Try these additions to your mineral water, for a great taste

If you want to use your Dry in July time to experiment with some fresh, new beverages, why not try infused water? As the name suggests, by simply leaving some chopped herbs, fruit or vegetables in your water for a few hours prior to serving, you end up with a fantastic tasting water that provides rapid hydration. Why not combine some fresh berries, or lemon and blueberry? For a luscious, refreshing blend of berry and citrus, we recommend lemon, strawberry and mint. Rosemary and grapefruit is a tangy choice, or opt for basil, lemon and cucumber for a delicate taste of the Mediterranean.

Visit the Dry July Foundation website or get in touch with us to find out more about our water and the benefits it could bring when it becomes your companion on the Dry in July journey.