Summer Hydration Hacks that You Should Know

jugs filled with water and fruit

Our body is constantly losing water. In a single day, an average person loses about 10 cups. And as the climate changes, summer’s hot temperature becomes hotter and the only way to replenish the liquids our body loses is to drink water.

Water helps deliver nutrients to every cell and organ in the body, clears away wastes and toxins, regulates body temperature, supports digestion, keeps your skin glowing and keeps our joints lubricated.

Though it is generally recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day, in reality, water intake varies. For instance, the Institute of Medicine estimates that on average, women in a temperate climate require about 2.25 litres of fluid a day and men require about 3.25 litres.

2 litres might sound like a lot but with these summer hydration hacks, you get more interesting ways to keeping your body cool and refreshed.

1. Eat your fruits.

Fruits like watermelon, cucumber, strawberries and other berries have high water content. Watermelon is 92 percent water, cucumbers are 96 percent water, and strawberries are 92 percent water. Not only that–these fruits are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Keep water on the go.

Make your water bottle become your daily accessory. Bring it wherever you go. This should allow you convenient access to clean, cool, and pure drinking water at any time of the day.

3. Pack some ice.

Ice keeps your beverages cool, but did you know that it can help sooth skin dryness during hot and humid days? Massaging areas of your body, especially your face, with ice cubes is a good way of keeping your skin hydrated. Aside from keeping your body temperature even, it also zaps acne, minimises pore size and increases blood circulation, which keeps your skin supple and smooth especially during hot days.

4. Pace yourself.

Follow a routine schedule for drinking water instead of doing it only when you feel like it. This will prevent your from getting dehydrated. Waiting for you to feel thirsty before drinking water is actually a bad practice as feeling thirsty already means that you started getting dehydrated already. Try drinking a glass every hour or every two hours. Follow this a few days in a row and this will eventually form into a healthy habit.

5. Try healthy water infusions.

Try preparing fruit and herb water infusions to pack more health benefits into your water. Give it more flavour by tossing a slice of lemon or orange or a dash of mint to give it a twist without the sugar and calories found in many flavoured drinks sold in the market. Infused water is a healthier and satisfying alternative to the usual sugar laden beverages, and they are so easy to prepare using your favourite fruits and herbs.

So next time you feel your throat or lips dry up especially during hot and humid days, drink your water. It’s cheap, beneficial and healthy.