What is the Difference Between Sparkling Water and Soda Water?

Although most people are aware that both soda water and sparkling water have bubbles of carbon dioxide in them, did you know that the two are actually quite distinct in terms of source and processing? So, if you’ve ever wondered what is the difference between sparkling water and soda water, here’s our ultimate guide.

Soda water is created from plain water, which could be sourced from absolutely anywhere! The water may be flavoured with a range of additives (such as sodium citrate or sodium bicarbonate) and has carbon dioxide bubbled through it artificially in order to provide the “fizz”. The taste of soda water varies, depending on the added ingredients and original source of the water. In bygone days, soda water was made at home, using a soda syphon which enabled carbon dioxide to pass through it. You may also find soda water sold as seltzer water or club soda.

beloka water still and sparkling mineral water bottles

Sparkling mineral water offers a natural alternative

In comparison with soda water, naturally sparkling water is water that draws its unique flavour and slight effervescence from the minerals and compounds which are dissolved into it, along with a little additional carbonation if required. Often bottled directly from spring water, sparkling water includes substances that naturally carbonate the water, as well as provide it with a distinctive taste. Depending on which type of mineral water you opt for, it’s possible to enjoy a range of delicate yet exciting flavours, with a slight effervescence adding additional interest to the drink.

How should soda water be used?

Soda or seltzer water tends to have a fairly homogeneous flavour; in fact, some brands don’t have any added flavour at all – they provide textural interest to the palate with no discernible taste. Bland flavouring makes seltzer or soda ideal as a mixer for cocktails or to offer a longer option for spirits. Soda water can also make a pleasant soft drink when mixed with cordial or fruit juice over ice. Whilst not unpleasant to drink, soda is usually considered too bland to drink alone.

Sparkling mineral water – the premium option for people who prefer water!

The major advantage of a mineral water is its taste. Filled with a blend of minerals and compounds (Beloka Water, for example, contains chloride, bicarbonate, calcium, potassium, sodium and silica among others), mineral water offers an exclusive taste experience that needs little enhancement. Popular at any occasion where water is a preferred beverage, sparkling water can be served on its own, or with a slice. Bottled in convenient, individual servings, the sparkle is captured and retained, ensuring that drinkers are delighted by the fresh, effervescent nature of their beverage.

Beloka Water sparkling water – proudly Australian

When it comes to a sparkling water that offers a unique taste that’s been shaped by time and the Snowy Mountains, Beloka Water is the obvious choice. Our water is sourced from an unspoiled spring deep in the Kosciuszko National Park. The water is drawn from a subterranean aquifer – the end of its journey through the ancient rocks of this beautiful area. Along the way, it becomes infused with a mixture of minerals and elements that give it its special, delicate flavour. Every drop of Beloka Water is sourced from our spring and the flavour is created by the natural landscape rather than human intervention. Ideal for any occasion where the unspoiled, fresh flavour of a naturally sourced water is preferred, sparkling water such as Beloka Water is a responsibly sourced, sustainable beverage solution for restaurants, hotels, conference venues and similar businesses.