Where to Buy Mineral Water in Bulk for Any Business

If you’re wondering where to buy mineral water in bulk, we provide top-quality sparkling mineral water that’s carefully sourced here in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales Australia, providing a premium product that’s suitable for a wide range of audiences.

When it comes to bottled water, the water source, quality, packaging and pedigree are all key factors in determining how desirable a product it might be. At Beloka Water, we understand that variables such as the mineral composition of sparkling water, as well as how it’s bottled and stored, can really make a difference to its taste. As a provider of exceptional mineral waters to a wide range of restaurants, hotels and function companies across the country, we are proud of our pure, fresh-tasting water, sourced from a tranquil, unspoilt location in the heart of the Australian Alps. No matter what type of business you’re engaged in, fine water can form a suitable part of your hospitality service.

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Australian spring water for a natural taste

Our water is 100% Australian, collected from a spring that’s located in the Kosciuszko National Park. Filtered and purified through rocks which are millions of years old, we believe our water source is what contributes to the appealing mix of minerals which are found in every drop of our fine spring water. Minerals and compounds such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, silica and bicarbonate don’t just contribute to the taste of our water, they also provide vital elements that the body needs in order to enjoy maximal health and vitality. We bottle and package our water with care, resulting in a product that looks attractive in any setting, as well as providing a high-end beverage that’s highly palatable.

Buy in quantity for optimal savings

As a premium product, our water won’t be the very cheapest you can source on the market. What we can promise is that it will be of excellent quality and attractively bottled so that it adds visual appeal to a table or drinks display, as well as sends out the sort of unspoken messages you want your customers to receive. If you want to save money on Beloka Water, ordering a larger quantity means you are able to take advantage of our generous discounts for bulk. Our water has a fairly long shelf life, which means there is unlikely to be any wastage, even if you buy a bigger volume of water than usual when you order from us. If you want your guests to enjoy fine water from one of the most well-known water springs found in Australia, but without a hefty price tag, bulk buying from us could be the perfect solution.

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Beloka Water sparkling mineral water – a versatile choice

Unlike many other beverages, sparkling water can be served appropriately at any time of day and at almost any occasion. Because water provides essential hydration and is suitable for almost everybody, it’s a popular choice at business functions, in hotel rooms or at spas, beauty salons or health retreats. Ideal for catering and hospitality (including bulk catering as well as smaller enterprises), mineral water is also popular at health and fitness facilities, wellness retreats, conferences, public events and anywhere else where a versatile, healthy and non-alcoholic beverage is required. Why not have mineral water available as a popular alternative to tea or coffee? A bar essential, sparkling water served with ice and a garnish is also the preferred option for many adults who don’t wish to drink alcohol, but who are looking for a more elegant alternative to traditional soft drinks.

Have you considered a private label on your sparkling water?

A growing number of facilities choose to use a private label on their mineral water. This gives a delightful, personal touch that complements your branding at the same time as providing a pervasive form of advertising. Our pure, Australian spring water offers the excellent taste you want your audience to enjoy; we can work with you to come up with an engaging label that showcases your organisation beautifully. Private labelling is a great way of rewarding loyalty by giving your customers something a little different, at the same time as cementing your branding across as many aspects of your organisation as possible. Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of Beloka Water.