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Australian Still and Sparkling Mineral Water

Mineral Rich and Pristine Water from the Heart of the Snowy Mountains

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Beloka is a very approachable water with lots of character. The water has a medium minerality which gives it body and makes it recognizable. The lightly sparkling version is especially delightful as the minerals in the water integrate nicely with the CO2 and the bubble size is small and does not distract. Beloka Water has been winning gold Taste Awards in water tasting competitions with multiple international juries over the years, confirming a consistent quality and character.

Uniquely Australian Mineral Water

About Beloka Water

Beloka Water comes from the eastern border of the unspoilt Kosciuszko National Park, where it is filtered through 500 million year old geological strata and where the pristine, mineral rich water is bottled.

Beloka Water is 100% Australian – everything from the caps, labels, and boxes are sourced from within Australia. Bottled using recycled glass, meaning the water not only tastes great, but is the sustainable, local option too.

Voted as a Fine Water of the World, Beloka is the water of choice for many restaurants, cafés, hotels, and discerning drinkers the world over.

"If you like Shiraz, try…

“If you like Shiraz, try…
From the Snowy Mountains, this is the red wine of waters. Thick and full in the mouth with a powerful aroma and an earthy taste with a sodium kick.”

Benedict Brook
beloka water family still and sparkling awards


Beloka is Australian made and owned. Everything is sourced from within Australia – the labels, the caps, the boxes, and of course, the water itself. Even our bottles are made in Australia, and contain on average 42% recycled glass.


The balanced, mineral rich water emerges from a spring free from any human interaction, making it as pure as the day nature created it.


Fine Waters of the World ( judge bottled water on taste, appearance, and virginality, and voted Beloka as Superior. A fine endorsement for a fine water.

beloka water still and sparkling taste awards 2019 golds

Golds for Beloka at the Finewaters 2019 Taste & Design Awards

We were delighted to win Gold in the still medium minerality content class and another Gold in the “added carbonation” medium minerality content class. This builds on our earlier success in 2017, when we were lucky enough to win Gold for sparkling medium minerality content water at the Finewaters competition at Guangzhou, in China. We know that Beloka has an exceptional taste that’s enjoyed by thousands of our customers, so it’s fantastic that its flavour is recognised in an international arena.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

  • Beloka Water is a great drinking water that is available in Australia and comes from our own source – I would recommend it for anyone with a vested interest in their health.

    It is bottled in glass so the water can maintain its purity from where it’s been bottled and Beloka’s mineral contents also promotes good health, giving opportunity for the body to heal itself.

    Rosemary Sciacca
  • Griffith Food proudly uses in their cafe’s and restaurants because it is sourced locally, is Australian made and owned, is bottled in environmentally friendly glass, and most importantly, tastes great.

    Griffith Food, Griffith University
  • At Two Providores we seek to find unique products that have a real story, are respectful to the environment, and are true to their provenance. For our mineral water offering it was natural that we chose Beloka – it is 100% Australian, so has a tiny carbon footprint compared to other imported waters, and is considered to be one of the finest waters in the world because of its mineral composition, and its absolutely pristine nature. On top of that, the packaging looks great in many different environments, from café fridges, event spaces, to fine-dining white table cloths.

    As a company they are great to deal with – our deliveries are on time, and their customer service is excellent.

    two providores
    Erica Goldfinch, Two Providores
  • Whilst our main business is in quality ​and healthy beverages and snacks, it​ is nice to have the additional add-on sale of some premium Australian Mineral Water. We offer ​products that are minimally processed and healthy, so Beloka is the natural fit for us. We also appreciate the fact that it is 100% Australian, so the environmental impact is minimal compared with other imported waters, this coupled with the fact it is listed as a Fine Water of The World made it the only choice for us.

    I would highly recommend this product not only on its quality but also its sale potential.​

    emma toms
    Sam, Customer Service Manager, Emma & Toms
  • As a personal trainer for over 20 years I know our lives depend on water. Water has so many health benefits too numerous to name but when I discovered and read the label I was immediately impressed by the amount of magnesium in the water. Another thing was it being Australian made and owned. I have since recommended it to my clients and I continue to drink it regularly, my favourite being the lightly sparkling.

    personal trainer testimonial
    Nick Bilbija – Personal Trainer

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