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Free Delivery Australia Wide When You Order 6 Cartons or More

If you’re looking for a bottled water delivery service for your business or office, there’s no better place to go than Beloka Water. Our water is sourced from the idyllic mountains of New South Wales. Bottled right away for that pure, fresh taste that all of our customers love so much. The sparkling mineral water...
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gluten free

Does Bottled Water Contain Gluten?

When you’re on a gluten-free diet, you get pretty used to checking absolutely every food label for gluten. After all, even the tiniest amount of the stuff can have dire consequences, from bloating and abdominal pain to anxiety and fatigue. For celiacs, consumption of gluten has the potential to lead to serious long-term health issues,...
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water glass yoga mat

Why Is Drinking Alkaline Water Good For You?

Drinking alkaline water can assist in lowering your body’s acidity level. Over time, this can help you to look and feel younger for longer. In addition, decreased acidity offers the possibilities of reducing the risk of cancer, making weight loss easier, supporting the immune system and boosting detoxification. What’s more, alkaline water contains minerals, such...
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beloka water natural spring water

Beloka Water, Natural Spring Water

Here at Beloka Water, we’re regularly asked just what it is that makes our local product different from the rest. Today, we’re going to take a look at what natural spring water is in more depth, comparing it to purified water in particular. Who wins? Let’s find out! What is natural spring water? As the...
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beloka water sparkling water and glass

Beloka Water, a Top Australian Mineral Water Brand

Not all waters are created equal, and Beloka Water is a prime example of this. It’s not just opinion. As a member of the Fine Water Society, it’s recognised as a world-renowned pristine and natural drinking water with its own unique characteristics that make it so special and beneficial. Classed as a ‘Superior’ water because...
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vintage seltzer bottles

Is Sparkling Mineral Water the Same as Seltzer?

Water with bubbles is a favourite beverage for almost any occasion. Fizzy water is always in demand. It can be drunk straight or added to cordial or juice. It may also be used as a mixer for cocktails and spirits. Not all sparkling water is the same; not only are there many brands, but there...
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beloka water still and sparkling mineral water bottles

What is the Difference Between Sparkling Water and Soda Water?

Although most people are aware that both soda water and sparkling water have bubbles of carbon dioxide in them, did you know that the two are actually quite distinct in terms of source and processing? So, if you’ve ever wondered what is the difference between sparkling water and soda water, here’s our ultimate guide. Soda...
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Beloka Water Warehouse

Where to Buy Mineral Water in Bulk for Any Business

If you’re wondering where to buy mineral water in bulk, we provide top-quality sparkling mineral water that’s carefully sourced here in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales Australia, providing a premium product that’s suitable for a wide range of audiences. When it comes to bottled water, the water source, quality, packaging and pedigree are...
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What if Dalgety had become the capital of Australia?

While Dalgety is known throughout Australia as a peaceful township situated on the banks of the Snowy River – as well as the only town locally that didn’t require a snorkel after the infamous Snowy Hydro-Electric Scheme floods – it would be interesting to consider what would have happened if it had become Australia’s capital....
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