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Natural Mineral Water or Filtered Water – What is the Best Water to Drink

Most people know that drinking eight glasses of water a day can improve health, boost energy levels and support well-being. However, not all water is equal. For example, the contents of tap water are quite different to those of bottled water. Plus, there are many other types to think about, such as filtered water, mineral...
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Bottled Mineral Water vs Tap Water

We all know tap water in Australia is safe to drink, and unlike the quality of tap water in other countries overseas, we can rely on it as a safe drinking source. However, that isn’t to say tap water is completely free of contaminants. In much of the tap water around Australia, various relatively harmless...
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Beloka Water Is Safe For Kids

Sometimes it can be a bit of a chore sorting through what you should and shouldn’t give your children to eat. When should you start them on solids? Six months or younger? When should you stop breastfeeding? When should you allow your child to have the odd sweet treat? All of these questions are ones...
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How Long Does Fruit-Infused Water Last?

If you’re one of the growing number of people who are picking health-conscious, tasty beverages over more traditional, sugary soft drinks, you’ll either have already discovered fruit-infused water or be eager to try out a delicious, refreshing alternative to soda or juice. Packed with flavour and suitable for anything from al fresco dining through to...
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Do You Know What You Are Drinking?

Recent research shows plastic fibres have been found in drinking water around the world. This includes bottled, tap and filtered water you might otherwise have thought was safe to drink. To ensure you know what you are putting in your body, it’s best to only drink bottled water you know has been independently tested without...
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Italian Mineral Water or Beloka Water – You Decide

If you appreciate the superior taste of fine mineral water, you’ll probably be aware of the selection of Italian sparkling mineral water that’s currently available on the market. Boasting a choice of pure mineral waters that are bottled at source from ancient springs and remote aquifers, brands such as Acqua Panna Toscana, San Pellegrino, Lyde...
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Energy Drinks Facts and Myths

A lot of people out there choose to drink energy drinks for a lot of different reasons. Here at Beloka Water, we want to separate the facts from the myths when it comes to these tasty thirst quenchers. We know that a lot of people out there love them, but there’s a lot of reasons...
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Is Carbonated Water Good for Digestion?

In addition to seeking out drinks which taste good, a growing number of people are also considering the health benefits of their beverage choices. Whether they’re looking for a low-calorie alternative to sweetened drinks, or want a drink that provides additional nutrition as well as hydration, the days when a drink was selected on flavour...
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Beloka Water Warehouse

Free Delivery Australia Wide When You Order 6 Cartons or More

If you’re looking for a bottled water delivery service for your business or office, there’s no better place to go than Beloka Water. Our water is sourced from the idyllic mountains of New South Wales. Bottled right away for that pure, fresh taste that all of our customers love so much. The sparkling mineral water...
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