Our Company

beloka water property letterbox

Beloka Water is an independent, family-owned company. We apply the same family values to our approach to business, offering a friendly, accommodating service to our customers. Our flexibility and ability to offer a personal service are what compel many to work with us, preferring our approach to that of a large multi-national corporation.

Whilst many bottled waters are imported, chemically treated, and are bulk transported to urban production facilities, Beloka is 100% unprocessed, bottled at the source, and is all-Australian. We have a commitment to supporting Australian businesses and are proud to sport the ‘Australian Made and Owned’ badge. We achieve this by only sourcing materials locally. We are also dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment; that is why we take care to comply with our extraction licence and the reason our bottles contain on average 42% recycled glass.

Our dedication to our product, its responsible and sustainable growth, and its utmost quality remains absolutely core to our business.

At the heart of Beloka Water is a set of clear and simple values:

  • Dedication to the quality of our product
  • Minimising our impact on the environment through responsible and sustainable practices
  • Supporting Australian businesses in all of our processes, and
  • Offering friendly and accommodating service to our customers