Breakfast at The Flying Bear

Breakfast at The Flying Bear

Housed inside Sydney’s oldest boat sailing club, The Flying Bear is the perfect café in which to sip a coffee while taking in the stunning views of the water. The Sydney Flying Squadron Attached to the Sydney Flying Squadron sailing club in the prestigious Sydney suburb of Kirribilli, the café is open to both sailing...
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beloka water still taste awards 2019 gold

Golds for Beloka at the Finewaters 2019 Taste & Design Awards

Water is not just water! When it comes to mineral waters, each source delivers water with a slightly different composition. Variables such as the geology of the rocks through which the water flows; the length of its journey; the vegetation and soil (if any) through which it passes; and the climate of its origin combine...
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Lunch at Terranova

At Beloka, we love fine food as much as we enjoy the premium mineral water we bottle that provides such a perfect accompaniment. One of the highlights of our work is sitting down to lunch at one of the local restaurants or brasseries our customers run. On this occasion we were lucky enough to have...
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candelori's smithfield

Have you dined at Candelori’s yet?

If you haven’t visited Candelori’s in Smithfield yet, it’s time to book your reservation! At times Smithfield’s restaurants may be overlooked in favour of more well-known establishments in the CBD and heart of Sydney: which is a shame, as Candelori’s, located on The Horsley Drive, is an absolute gem. Serving authentic Italian cuisine since 1999,...
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high st depot penrith

Join us for Breakfast at the High St Depot

What could be better than a lazy Sunday morning, spent enjoying a leisurely breakfast at one of Penrith’s up-and-coming rustic restaurants? One of the best bits about our job is the opportunities we get to spend time with our customers, particularly when they create food and coffee as appetising as the choices available on the...
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beloka water fine water society

Beloka Water to compete in the 2019 Water Tasting Competition in Stockholm

When it comes to premium mineral water, there’s no such thing as “just water”. Each mineral water has a unique, distinctive taste, acquired due to the unique geography of its source and the journey it took to get there. In the same way as the taste of wine is defined in large part by the...
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water jerrycan

Water Democracy: let’s change a million lives

Particularly in the developed world, most of us take fresh drinking water for granted. Simply turn on a tap or reach for a bottle and safe, palatable water is readily available. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone in the world. WHO (World Health Organisation) estimate that around 30% of the world’s population does not...
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water sommelier

Why does bottled water taste better than tap water?

You pour a glass of water from the faucet, take a sip, and wonder… why the strange taste? There’s a flavour you can’t quite put your finger on. But what is the odd and irksome aftertaste that follows a sip from some types of tap water? No, it’s not just you. While a few people...
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sustainable company

Beloka Water – A sustainable company inspiring the next generation

Beloka Water is a sustainable company that has sparked interest worldwide due to its innovative business model and passion for the earth. Recently, students from Helene-Lange-Schule in Hannover led by their teacher Mr Philip Wollenzien, conducted a school project analysing water from different locations all over the world. The students were particularly interested in Beloka...
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