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Beloka Water Now Available at Amazon

Beloka Water is offering reduced delivery fees Australia-wide on every order of Beloka Water purchased through Amazon. Previously, Beloka Water offered free shipping outside of the Sydney metro area with the purchase of six or more cartons from their website. Now, thanks to the Amazon network, Beloka Water can offer all customers reduced shipping on...
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Beloka Water enters 2020 FineWaters Taste Awards in Slovenia

Beloka Water is entering the 2020 Premium Bottled Water Tasting competition, hosted by FineWaters and held this year in Slovenia in June. Whilst many may believe water to taste essentially the same wherever it’s bottled and sourced from, there is a huge variety to be found across the world. This flavour difference can be defined...
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Beloka Water’s new 330ml bottles: Perfect for millennials and retailers

As readers of this blog may remember, Beloka Water introduced 330ml glass bottles to its array of products back in September 2018. Available in still and sparkling varieties, these bottles are much more compact than our 500ml and 750ml offerings and represent an amazingly convenient option for people on the go or those with limited...
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Beloka Water: The perfect Christmas drink

As Christmas approaches, you’re probably starting to think about the kinds of food and drink you will be serving up during the holiday. Most of us use Christmas as an excuse to indulge in rich foods that we may stay away from at other times of the year, including big traditional roast dinners, chocolatey desserts,...
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Beloka Water Proudly Supports 2019 MasterChef Winner

The phenomenon that is MasterChef shows no signs of slowing down after 11 years, and we have a lot to be thankful for in that. MasterChef has revolutionised the way Australians view food. From raising the bar on the freshness and variety of ingredients we expect at our local supermarkets, to supporting the exploration of...
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Why Is Drinking Alkaline Water Good For You?

First published October 6th, 2017. Last updated on November 11th, 2019.  Drinking alkaline water can assist in lowering your body’s acidity level. Over time, this can help you to look and feel younger for longer. In addition, decreased acidity offers the possibilities of reducing the risk of cancer, making weight loss easier, supporting the immune...
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gasparo family and joe commisso

Visit Gasparo Trattoria for authentic Italian food

The story of Gasparo Trattoria began 28 years ago in Italy with the meeting of Sal and Antonella. It has continued through 26 years in the hospitality industry, through Bar Roma, Caffe Gasparo and Caffe Marco to Gasparo Trattoria. Although the names may have changed, the vision has remained the same throughout. To offer traditional...
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Celebrating Nonni

One of the most precious family bonds is the relationship between grandparent and grandchild. Bridging the gap between generations, both parties have the opportunity to learn from each other. Such a beautiful, mutually beneficial relationship is certainly one worth celebrating, particularly when it spans not only the age gap, but also a cultural divide. Many...
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Beloka Water added to PerFresh Produce Providore stocklists

Beloka Water is now being sold through PerFresh Produce Providore, located on the Central Coast. With the aim of offering quality, market-direct seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable boxes to Central Coast families, PerFresh Produce Providore has decided Beloka Water would be a suitable match for its clients. Trusting that their customers will taste the difference...
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