Perfect Picnic Tips

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Nothing beats spending the day outside when the sun is shining brightly and the cool breeze is blowing. When you have a clear day such as this, a nice picnic shared with friends and family comes to mind. Whether you’re serving simple sandwiches or an outdoor feast, you might want to check out these tips that can make your get-together much more memorable:

1.      Plan it like you would a small party.

While impromptu parties are fun, sometimes you find yourself having some time on your hands to plan ahead. Plan who you’ll be inviting, when and where the picnic will be, and what will be on the menu. You can even adapt a theme to make it even more fun. Doing so will allow you to design a picnic that can cater to the needs of your guests.

2.      Think about your menu and how you’ll pack it.

It’s a nice idea to have cured meats, cheeses, and some fruit for your picnic. You can also serve a selection of sandwiches and some salad that kids and adults will love. You can also serve just desserts like cookies, macarons, and small tarts. When serving food during picnics, it’s a good idea to stick to items that won’t spoil easily and are easy to eat even without a table.

After knowing what to serve, you can think about how you’ll store and pack these food items. If your food needs to be kept cold, forego baskets and go for coolers.

3.      Bring wet wipes and bin bags.

While they are loads of fun, picnics can also be messy. Be sure to pack wet wipes and rubbish bags so you can keep the mess at bay.

4.      Take some plates and cutlery.

While some opt for paper plates during picnics, it might be better to bring lightweight enamel plates especially if you are serving dressed salads.

Don’t forget to pack forks and knives for non-finger food!

5.      Don’t forget drinks.

Beverages are important to take along for picnics. You can serve fresh fruit juice for the kids or wine coolers for the adults. You can also never go wrong with good old water. For your H2O needs, why don’t you try Beloka’s mineral-rich and flavourful water? It comes in sparkling and still varieties and will surely complement your perfect picnic!