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Beloka Water – A sustainable company inspiring the next generation

Beloka Water is a sustainable company that has sparked interest worldwide due to its innovative business model and passion for the earth. Recently, students from Helene-Lange-Schule in Hannover led by their teacher Mr Philip Wollenzien, conducted a school project analysing water from different locations all over the world. The students were particularly interested in Beloka...
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A Few Reasons Why Beloka Water is the Perfect Choice for Distributors

When it comes to wholesale mineral water, there are so many choices out there that it can be difficult to distinguish which products will offer your customers premium quality whilst keeping costs to a minimum. However, for distributors looking for superior Australian water that’s a cut above the rest, Beloka Water offers the best possible...
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Many Brands of Bottled Water May Not Be As Pure As You Think

What is really in our water? We at Beloka Water considered this question recently and did our own research into the answer. Check out our conclusions here. And now a recent study carried out by the journalism organisation Orb Media has turned up some disturbing and potentially risky concerns about the purity of bottled drinking...
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7 of 34 Bottled Water Brands Are Just ‘Purified’ Tap Water

People are turning to bottled water more and more. The 2015 total consumption of bottled water in Australia was at an all time high at 466 million litres. In the light of rapidly increasing consumer preference for bottled water, a recent news article from last 17th July in the The Sydney Morning Herald  presented research on the true...
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The Most Vulnerable Cities in Australia for Water Shortage

  In a categorically dry continent like Australia, the biggest challenge is perhaps water shortage. In fact in 2008, the Prime Minister’s office stated that “Australia faces increasingly acute long-term water shortages with lower rainfall, rivers drying up and dam water levels falling.” In addition, most parts of Australia rely on surface water in reservoirs as their main source of municipal water, which easily makes water supply vulnerable to droughts. A research conducted by...
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Carbon Emissions and Its Rainfall Effect in Australia

  Back in 2014, the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology’s State of Climate Report revealed alarming news—that climate extremes in the continent are increasing as carbon dioxide levels continue to rise. According to this report, the frequency of extreme weather has increased with more extreme heat and fewer cooler extremes. Moreover, “rainfall averaged across Australia slightly...
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The Looming Effects of Climate Change to Water Scarcity in Australia

In the midst of climate change, there is an ever-growing concern on water scarcity especially in dry places like Australia. There’s no denying that the country is highly susceptible to the effects of this environmental phenomenon but what does this exactly mean for Australia? According to studies, since Australia is already known as the driest...
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In Plastics and Cans, a Threat to Women

A few years ago, Jodi Flaws, a bioscientist at the University of Illinois, began testing a theory about the risks to women posed by the widely used industrial compound bisphenol A, or BPA. A series of studies had suggested that it could damage developing ovaries. But nobody knew how. So for a month, Dr. Flaws...
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