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Why You Should Choose Glass Bottles

What’s better for your drinking water – glass or plastic bottles? Good question. Frequently, it is the glass option for two main reasons – they are better for the environment and healthier to drink from. The history of plastic bottles You might not believe it, but before plastic bottles were invented, all bottles were made...
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15 Creative Ways to Re-Use Your Beloka Water Bottles

Beloka Water is not just known for our pristine mineral rich water from the heart of the Snowy Mountains. We’re also known for our distinguished, contemporary glass water bottles designed to keep your water cool and refreshing. However, did you know you can reuse your Beloka Water bottles and turn them into beautiful DIY home...
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8 Ways to Conserve Water At Home

  It’s apparent—water is a limited resource; conserving it is only necessary. Of course, I say nothing new. But what matters is the level of importance we attach to the same. Below are 8 ways to conserve water at home, and it begins with—you! Stop leaks: It is very easy to replace the worn-our faucets...
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Glass Bottles vs Plastic Bottles

Glass bottles are making a big comeback in the beverage industry. More and more companies are replacing their cans and plastic with old-fashioned glass. While it does have a high aesthetic appeal, glass bottles have more benefits than you think. They are healthier for you, and for the environment. Here are four reasons why Beloka...
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