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Beloka Water at Spar - Tawar Mall

Beloka Water introduced in Qatar

Consumers in Qatar are now able to enjoy water directly from the Australian Alps thanks to a new partnership between Beloka Water and Lawand Trade. Top Australian mineral water brand As a top Australian mineral water brand, Beloka Water offers both superior taste and composition, and high-quality provenance. Spring water is inextricably linked to its...
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beloka water still taste awards 2019 gold

Golds for Beloka at the Finewaters 2019 Taste & Design Awards

Water is not just water! When it comes to mineral waters, each source delivers water with a slightly different composition. Variables such as the geology of the rocks through which the water flows; the length of its journey; the vegetation and soil (if any) through which it passes; and the climate of its origin combine...
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beloka water fine water society

Beloka Water to compete in the 2019 Water Tasting Competition in Stockholm

When it comes to premium mineral water, there’s no such thing as “just water”. Each mineral water has a unique, distinctive taste, acquired due to the unique geography of its source and the journey it took to get there. In the same way as the taste of wine is defined in large part by the...
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sustainable company

Beloka Water – A sustainable company inspiring the next generation

Beloka Water is a sustainable company that has sparked interest worldwide due to its innovative business model and passion for the earth. Recently, students from Helene-Lange-Schule in Hannover led by their teacher Mr Philip Wollenzien, conducted a school project analysing water from different locations all over the world. The students were particularly interested in Beloka...
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variety charity

Proud to be partnered with Variety

Beloka Water are proud to be partnered with the amazing team at Variety! As a proud sponsor of Variety, the children’s charity, all of the team at Beloka Water were happy to be involved with the Variety AFL Great Grand Final Lunch, which was held recently on Wednesday the 26th of September, 2018. The Variety...
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330 ml beloka water still and sparkling glass bottles

Beloka Water introduces new 330ml bottles

Spring is definitely here and, to celebrate, Beloka Water is introducing a brand-new product: 330ml bottles. Available in both still and sparkling, these super-convenient little numbers fit in all the places that bigger bottles don’t. Think tiny fridges, eskies and maybe even your pocket. We have you, our dear customers, to thank. We developed our...
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beloka water sparkling taste awards 2018

International Water Tasting Competition | Ecuador 2018

When it comes to the wealth of mineral and sparkling water choices available, water is never “just water”. Each mineral water has its own specific flavour, depending on its origin and the quality of the bottling process. A slight change in soil pH, a different climate or varying rock types all impart a slightly different...
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Grace and Joe Commisso

World’s Best Drinking Water

WHEN some of the finest water sommeliers gathered in China to savour the best tasting water in the world, few expected a Western Sydney brand would came up trumps. After all the swirling, sniffing and spitting was done, Bella Vista based Beloka Water took home the top gong for the world’s best tasting sparkling water....
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Beloka Water Warehouse

Free Delivery Australia Wide When You Order 6 Cartons or More

If you’re looking for a bottled water delivery service for your business or office, there’s no better place to go than Beloka Water. Our water is sourced from the idyllic mountains of New South Wales. Bottled right away for that pure, fresh taste that all of our customers love so much. The sparkling mineral water...
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What if Dalgety had become the capital of Australia?

While Dalgety is known throughout Australia as a peaceful township situated on the banks of the Snowy River – as well as the only town locally that didn’t require a snorkel after the infamous Snowy Hydro-Electric Scheme floods – it would be interesting to consider what would have happened if it had become Australia’s capital....
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