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7 Natural Ways to Flavour Water

Drinking plenty of water is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle, there are lots of ways to make sure you consume the right amount to keep your mind and body working perfectly. Beloka Water is a pure, mineral-packed water sourced entirely from Australia – it will not only help you to feel better, but...
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How Long Does Fruit-Infused Water Last?

If you’re one of the growing number of people who are picking health-conscious, tasty beverages over more traditional, sugary soft drinks, you’ll either have already discovered fruit-infused water or be eager to try out a delicious, refreshing alternative to soda or juice. Packed with flavour and suitable for anything from al fresco dining through to...
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Featured Recipe: Mandarinade by Zakari Kha

As the old adage goes, if life throws you lemons, make lemonade! This is probably what pop star Beyonce Knowles had in mind when she sang her track Lemonade. But while her fans found the song zesty and tangy, Instagram user Zakari Kha thinks his drink recipe is fresher than Queen B’s latest hit. “Beyonce’s boring...
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DIY Soda Recipe with Beloka Water

With its cool, bubbly, and refreshing taste, softdrinks are a common favourite among households. The downside is that the store-bought version of this beverage is often laden with artificial sweeteners, colourants, and preservatives which all have an adverse effect for our body. If you’re looking for an alternative to store bought soft drinks then you’re...
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Face-Off Challenge: Lemonade vs Lemon Infused Water

  Staying healthy and strong is finding a good balance between lifestyle, exercise, and diet. When a habit of consuming fruits daily is encouraged, keeping hydrated is a great way to support proper nutrition. Adults usually drink approximately 8 to 10 cups of fluid each day in the form of plain water, soup, milk, fruit...
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Detox Water Recipes to Help Keep Off the Holiday Kilos

  Cookies, eggnog, holiday coffee drinks, candy canes, and cakes—if you are one of those who find these very irresistible, for sure, you’re already worried about gaining unwanted kilos. No worries, here’s a solution that you can quickly whip up in your kitchen to help you keep off the holiday fats. Detox water has long...
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Healthy and Refreshing: Infused Water Recipes to Try

Tired of plain, old water? Jazz it up by infusing it with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices too! Not only does it make for a refreshing, tasty and colourful drink, it is also a healthier alternative to soda and other sugar-laden fruit juices and beverages found on the shelves. Studies have shown that drinking water...
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Flirty and Sparkling Cocktail Recipes For Valentines Day!

A decadent brunch creates the perfect setting for a languid romantic date. Brunch has also got quite a bit of interesting history dating back to the year 1895. Normally, brunch is part of a holiday like a Sunday when you can wake up a little later than normal and take your time in preparing an...
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Four Sparkling Water Cocktail Recipes For A Special Date At Home

  Planning romantic evening at home? Great idea! There’s no place like home to spend some quality time together just talking or doing everything but talking:)! If you’ve got the candles and food, all you need are fizzy, fun drinks to set the mood! We’ve put together some great recipes with Beloka Sparkling Water! Sparkling...
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Four Sparkling Water Recipes For A Fun Party!

Allergic to mush? Prefer to spend Valentines Day partying with people you love? Or in the moody for a flirty party? We’ve got the perfect list of sparkly, fizzy drinks that will create just the mood you want! Heady Bourbon Gin fizz Probably one recipe that will stand the test of time for something called...
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