7 of 34 Bottled Water Brands Are Just ‘Purified’ Tap Water

plastic bottled water

People are turning to bottled water more and more.

The 2015 total consumption of bottled water in Australia was at an all time high at 466 million litres. In the light of rapidly increasing consumer preference for bottled water, a recent news article from last 17th July in the The Sydney Morning Herald  presented research on the true cost and value of bottled water. Their article explored the trust behind the ‘little’ difference between tap water and bottled water. They even published a statement claiming that for some popular bottled water brands, if a person spends $2 on that bottled water, then they are literally buying the plastic bottle and not the water.

An interview with Warren Peffer, owner of leading bottled water brand – Nature’s Best, a brand that sells about 25 million units each year, has caused people to take a deeper look into the quality of water that is put into every bottled water.

Interestingly, Warren Peffer was quoted saying:

“The water is basically free, so I see it as just selling plastic bottles.”

“… our filters are not a huge cost, being filtered may be part of the appeal for some.”

Not all bottled water companies and brands are created equal.

In the race of attaining dominance in the burgeoning industry of bottled water, many say that bottled water companies are exploiting claims such as ‘pure water’, ‘healthy water’, and ‘safe water’ to command the trust of consumers. But like in any industry, there are still companies and brands that live up to these claims to offer what is due and what is promised in every bottle of water that they sell. In the argument that the water in bottled water is no different than your regular tap, we cannot generalise for all bottled water brands. With humble local brands like Beloka Water, we strive to deliver what our marketing tag lines and brand message promises to our consumers, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology and high standards for quality control to make sure that we capture the goodness and natural essential benefits of drinking clean water for health.

Naturally sourced water has to be treated. The same way that pure cow’s milk is harvested, it needs to be treated to be safe for human consumption. And so what honest water bottling companies do is use modern water treatment technology to capture the goodness of water and control all elements that could reduce its quality considering storage and distribution time. With Beloka Water, this is what we do. We are an honest family-owned company that supplies our community with safe drinking water that does not compromise the quality and pureness of water for profits and gains in marketing and sales.

Beloka Water is naturally sourced from the foot of the Snowy Mountains, outside Dalgety near the region of Beloka. Joe Commisso, Chairman and Founder of the company, was busy planting an olive grove on his family’s property located at the foot of the Snowy Mountains and eventually discovered a large aquifer under the ground of their property. He then had the water tested, and the results found that the water was of exceptional quality and was actually worthy of Mineral Water status. As they say, the rest is history.

beloka water plant packing bottles

Joe Commisso then built a modern facility where his company treats, processes and bottles excellent quality water. He initially distributed Beloka Water locally. The brand uses only glass bottles, not plastic, as it is best for maintaining the quality of water for longer. Today, because of its soaring success in providing quality bottled water, Beloka Water has earned numerous recognitions such as being included in the exclusive list of The Fine Waters of The World. Companies like Beloka Water are honest local brands with uncompromising commitment to delivering pure, clean and healthy water to all its consumers, and that is not a marketing tag line — it’s a fact.