Bottled Mineral Water: Why Beloka Water Opted for Light Sparkling

At Beloka Water, we are passionate about delivering the finest quality mineral water to our customers. As a 100% Australian company, we take pride in sourcing our water from the eastern border of the pristine Kosciuszko National Park, where it is filtered through 500-million-year-old geological strata. This process ensures that our water is not only pure but also rich in essential minerals that contribute to its exceptional taste and character.

When it came to deciding on the level of carbonation for our bottled mineral water, we carefully considered various factors to ensure that we could offer our customers the best possible experience. After extensive research and testing, we opted for a light sparkling version of our water, and in this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this decision.

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The Appeal of Light Sparkling Water

While some people enjoy the intense bubbles and strong carbonation of traditional sparkling water, others find it overwhelming and prefer a more subtle approach. Light sparkling water offers a perfect balance, providing a gentle effervescence that enhances the drinking experience without overpowering the natural taste of the water itself.

We have found that many people who claim they do not like sparkling water at all actually love light sparkling waters. The delicate bubbles add a refreshing texture to the water, making it more enjoyable to drink while still allowing the inherent mineral flavours to shine through.

Enhancing the Mineral Profile

One of the key factors that sets Beloka Water apart from other bottled mineral water brands is our unique mineral composition. The slow, natural filtration process through ancient geological strata enriches our water with a balanced blend of minerals, contributing to its distinctive taste and health benefits.

When carbonation is added to mineral water, it helps to enhance the perception of these minerals on the palate. The light sparkling version of Beloka Water allows the natural mineral profile to be appreciated more fully, as the delicate bubbles help to distribute the minerals evenly throughout the mouth, providing a more complex and satisfying flavour experience.

A Nod to Naturally Carbonated Waters

Throughout history, naturally carbonated waters have been highly prized for their unique properties and alleged curative benefits. These waters, such as Gerolsteiner from Germany or Badoit from France, acquire their carbonation through complex geological processes involving organic matter degradation, interaction with carbonates, metamorphic devolatilization, or magmatic degassing.

While Beloka Water is not naturally carbonated, our decision to opt for a light sparkling version pays homage to these revered waters. By adding a gentle level of carbonation, we aim to capture some of the desirable qualities associated with naturally carbonated waters, such as enhanced mineral absorption and a more complex mouthfeel.

Versatility in Pairing and Mixing

Another advantage of light sparkling water is its versatility when it comes to pairing with food or mixing in beverages. The subtle carbonation of Beloka Water makes it an ideal accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, from delicate seafood to robust meat courses. The light bubbles help to cleanse the palate between bites, enhancing the overall dining experience.

In addition, light sparkling water is a popular choice for mixing in cocktails or creating non-alcoholic beverages. The gentle effervescence adds a refreshing twist to drinks without overwhelming the other ingredients, making it a favourite among mixologists and home bartenders alike.


At Beloka Water, our commitment to providing the highest quality bottled mineral water extends to every aspect of our product, including the level of carbonation. By opting for a light sparkling version of our water, we aim to offer our customers a refreshing, balanced, and versatile drinking experience that showcases the unique mineral profile of our pristine Australian spring.

We invite you to taste the difference for yourself and discover why Beloka Water’s light sparkling mineral water has become a favourite among discerning water enthusiasts.