Beloka Water entering the 2022 FineWaters Water Tasting Competition in Los Angeles


We missed out on this year’s FineWaters Competition.

Unfortunately, our samples was held off by US customs and still not released despite all our attempts to follow it up with TNT and make it delivered urgently.  Of course we are very confident about the quality of our water and Beloka Water was a serious contender for the top spot. We are looking forward to the 2023 competition!

Once again, Beloka Water is entering the FineWaters International Water Tasting Competition TASTE AWARDS 2022, which will this year be held in Los Angeles on August 27.

fine waters water tasting competition 2022 in LA

What’s the Beloka difference?

Water is fundamental to our wellbeing – and with that in mind, it’s natural we’d want to choose water from the finest quality sources.

Beloka Water is sourced from the eastern border of the pristine Kosciuszko National Park. The water found in this undisturbed spring is rich in minerals and perfectly balanced. As it’s filtered through 500-year-old geological strata, our water carries a pure, rich body and flavour that offers the perfect match to all palates and menus. Our water has been rated ‘Superior’ by the Fine Waters of the World, so it certainly doesn’t compromise on quality.

Beloka Water didn’t disappoint at the 2021 awards in Slovenia, winning Gold for the added carbonation class and a Silver in the still water, medium minerality class. This was the third time our water has taken out Gold in these prestigious awards.

2022 Categories

The 2022 competition will cover a range of categories, covering carbonated and still waters and considering the minerality and carbonation of the water. A new category, Curated Waters, has also been added to the field and comprises waters that have been derived from natural sources and curated for innovative experiences and uses.

The judges

There are six expert Water Sommeliers making up the judging panel of this year’s Competition.

Elena Berg

Elena is an Associate Professor of Environmental Science and the Director of the Joy and Edward Frieman Environmental Science Research Center at The American University of Paris (AUP), France. She is passionate about water sustainability and the reduction of waste.

Simona Celante

Simona co-founded Tahoe Artesian Water, a family-owned water company that produces water as outstanding and pure as its surroundings. Simona has extensive experience in the industry and in advocating for the mineral and health benefits of water sourced naturally.

Ashley Epperson

When Ashley’s partner queried her water choices, this kicked off her deep passion for unique waters. With her partner, she established Salacious Drinks LLC, an online purveyor of imported and domestic bottled waters targeting retail and wholesale clients.

Justin Takashi Glascock

Justin’s passion for naturally-sourced water began when he tasted artesian water sourced from his family’s property in Brazil. Since then, he’s explored the world for incredible sources of water. He works as a core member of the FineLiquids community, presenting great water products and exploring new ways in which water can complement a menu.

Michael Mascha

The creator of Fine Waters, and an original Fine Water Society founder, Michael has worked to cultivate global awareness of water flavour profiles and their pairing with cuisines. He has written Fine Waters – A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Most Distinctive Bottled Waters, which was described by the London Times as a water ‘encyclopedia’.

Martin Riese

Martin is a mineral sommelier and runs the Water 101 class, in which he educates students on the properties of mineral water that set it apart. He has been featured throughout global media, such as in the New York Times and on Conan O’Brien.

Natural Australian water

The fresh, naturally-sourced water of Beloka Water just can’t be matched. If you’re like to learn what makes us different, or if you want to follow our progress throughout the Competition, visit our website or get in touch today.