Beloka Water to enter the 2023 Fine Waters Water Tasting Competition in Athens, Greece

Beloka Water will compete in the FineWaters 2023 Water Tasting Event, just as it has in previous years. Unfortunately, we missed out on last year’s FineWaters competition in Los Angeles. Our water samples were delayed by US customs because they were damaged during transit. We are looking forward to this year’s competition, to be honest!

The Fine Water Society have selected Athens, Greece, to host the 2023 TASTE & DESIGN AWARDS in conjunction with the Fine Water Summit Premium Bottled Water Conference. The FineWaters International Water Tasting Competition will be conducted with a five-judge panel of professional and experienced international water sommeliers and experts. The competition will be held on Wednesday April 26, 2023.


Who are the Fine Water Society?

The Fine Water Society (FWS) was founded in 2008 to create a global forum and further enhance Fine Water’s visibility and convey the idea that water is not just water, but a natural, unprocessed product with terroir and unique characteristics. The FWS allows brands, distributors, and individuals to share information and create awareness of the category, differentiating themselves from the commodity bottled waters.

2023 categories

The 2023 FineWaters Tasting Competition will be divided into several categories across still and carbonated waters, based upon the water’s minerality and level of carbonation.

Fine Waters will also judge each entry based on its bottle design. Awards will be handed out across several packaging categories, including PET, GLASS, ALUMINUM, TETRA, and Bag in a Box. Awards are given in each category for the design.

What sets our water apart?

While many people think of water as tasteless, this isn’t the case. A huge number of factors can affect the taste of water, including the source location, whether the water has been filtered or chemically treated, and how it is bottled.

You don’t need to have a discerning palette to tell the difference between two glasses of water, either. Variables like soil, air, rocks, and minerals surrounding a body of water can distinctly change its flavour.

Beloka Water is sourced from the eastern border of the pristine Kosciuszko National Park. The water found in this undisturbed spring is rich in minerals and perfectly balanced. As it’s filtered through 500-year-old geological strata, our water carries a pure, rich body and flavour that offers the perfect match to all palates and menus. Our water has been rated ‘Superior’ by the Fine Waters of the World, so it certainly doesn’t compromise on quality.

Australian award-winning water

Beloka Water is 100% Australian and is proud to say so. Our award-winning water has a pleasant, fresh mineral content and is exceptionally fresh, with only carbon dioxide added to the sparkling range on offer. Bottled near Kosciuszko National Park, Beloka Water is an excellent option for a wide variety of scenarios. Whether you need suitable water to go with a good meal, need a mixer for a fresh alcoholic beverage on a night out, or you simply fancy a bit of hydration, make sure you’re stocked up on Beloka Water for some of the best the world has to offer. Experience what the FineWater judges will in April and see just what makes Beloka Water award-winning.