Beloka Water introduced in Qatar

Consumers in Qatar are now able to enjoy water directly from the Australian Alps thanks to a new partnership between Beloka Water and Lawand Trade.

Top Australian mineral water brand

As a top Australian mineral water brand, Beloka Water offers both superior taste and composition, and high-quality provenance. Spring water is inextricably linked to its surroundings and the geology of the local area. Beloka’s water is sourced near Kosciuszko National Park, at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, and you can taste the fresh, natural origins in every drop.

Established, owned and run by Joe Commisso

Our Founder and CEO, Joe Commisso, was busy planting an olive grove ready for his retirement on his family’s property at the foot of the Snowy Mountains, outside Dalgety near the region of Beloka, when he discovered a large water aquifer under the ground. After further investigation he was told that the water was of exceptional quality, and was worthy of Mineral Water status. It was then that Beloka Water was founded.

Leading the way on taste

We were delighted to win 2 Golds at the 2019 Finewaters International Tasting Competition, the most influential and important water tasting competition in the world. This builds on our earlier success in 2017, when we were lucky enough to win Gold for our sparkling water at the Finewaters competition at Guangzhou, in China. We know that Beloka has an exceptional taste that’s enjoyed by thousands of our customers, so it’s fantastic that its flavour is recognised in an international arena.

A novel product for Qatar’s shelves

Served in attractive glass bottles, Beloka Water offers the people of Qatar a sleek and environmentally-friendly alternative to waters packaged in plastic containers. What’s more, glass is healthier to drink from as it does not contain the same toxic chemicals as plastic.

As a country that is no stranger to heat, Qatar will benefit from the refreshing taste of one of Australia’s finest waters.

Beloka Water at Spar - Tawar Mall
Spar – Tawar Mall

Lawand Trade partnership

Lawand Trade is dedicated to exporting high-quality Australian foods and beverages to the Middle East and East Asia, periodically promoting brands through a variety of channels. Recently, the company turned its attention to Beloka Water, fine spring water that boasts healthy minerals, unrivalled purity, and rich flavours. As a result, the brand has been made available within SPAR outlets in Qatar, allowing the country’s people to enjoy this truly distinctive water.

The history of Lawand Trade

Founded in 1991, Lawand Trade markets and exports some of Australia’s most popular branded food and drinks to the Middle East. The company is responsible for over 130 Australian household brands being exported and distributed throughout the Middle East. It recently made a strategic decision to enter the South East and North East Asian markets and has quickly made significant inroads.

Stringent quality control

Since its founding, Lawand Trade has earned a number of accolades including Halal certification and AQIS certification. Indeed, it has gone from strength to strength and always endeavours to abide by the most stringent regulations. For example, in accordance with the Australian Authorities’ rules, Lawand Trade has the full range of equipment needed to efficiently store ambient, chilled and frozen products at safe temperatures.

By ensuring efficiency whilst maintaining stringent quality control procedures, the company is able to offer one of the best shipment delivery services in their sector.

What makes Lawand Trade unique?

Lawand Trade has managed to come up with a business model that is not closely rivalled by any competitors. The company’s success can be traced back to a few key factors including:

Quality products

Lawand Trade only opts for quality products (such as Beloka Water) that they know will be successful in their target areas. Indeed, the company is not willing to settle for second best and is passionate about the importance of quality.

Productive relationships with clients

Lawand Trade is dedicated to building productive business partnerships. This means following ethical business practices, effectively tackling challenges as soon as they appear, and ensuring effective communication across the sale cycle to allow partnerships to flourish.

Cutting-edge efficiency

Lawand Trade is always on the lookout for new technologies that will improve the efficiency of its operations.

Dedicated to growth and evolution

Finally, Lawand Trade is focused on adapting to the changing demands of the market and to tackle tough challenges as soon as they appear. Indeed, this is what has made the company the successful enterprise that it is today and has allowed Qatar to enjoy the refreshing taste of Beloka Water.