Beloka Water Is Safe For Kids

Sometimes it can be a bit of a chore sorting through what you should and shouldn’t give your children to eat. When should you start them on solids? Six months or younger? When should you stop breastfeeding? When should you allow your child to have the odd sweet treat?

All of these questions are ones that pop up, time and time again, as parents. And sometimes, it can be difficult to find a straight answer.

One question that comes up often is when should you give your child still mineral water? And in this article we will address that particular question so that you’re well informed on when to do so.

What is the difference between mineral and regular bottled water?

First of all, it’s important to understand that we’re talking about mineral water here, not your standard bottled water.

So, what is the difference? Firstly, spring water is your typical bottled water. Spring water is collected from underground springs. It is normally collected from a natural source but will be treated before it is bottled. However, it doesn’t go through the same regulatory testing that natural mineral water is subjected to.

Mineral water is generally deemed to be of higher quality in Australia, and flows over rocks before it is collected from its underground spring source. In order for it to be labelled as mineral water, it must have 250 ppm of trace minerals to be deemed true mineral water. It also needs to have had vigorous and regular microbiological testing to guarantee its quality.

kids with glass of water

When can you give your child mineral water?

Now that we’ve established the difference, when can you let your child drink mineral water? Before the age of two, it’s best to keep to boiled tap water and spring water. And before the age of six months, just breast milk or formula. Do not give a baby water before this age, as it can damage their kidneys.

However, after the age of two, it is safe to give your child mineral water. Why do you need to wait two years? Because although the minerals in mineral water can be beneficial for our health, with traces of sodium and calcium within it, it can be detrimental to a child under the age of two.

If mineral water is found to feature too much sodium, it can be too much for a young child’s kidneys to handle.

And certainly, steer clear of carbonated water too, as this can cause tummy upsets, such as gas, burping and stomach cramps. It can even cause your child to have reflux and vomit.

Children aged over two

Following your child’s second birthday, you can give them plain mineral water in moderation, to help them quench their thirst. Why not try the high-quality Beloka mineral water at this stage?

Even after the age of two, continue to stay away from the carbonated beverages. They might seem like fun, but they can cause discomfort in your child. Carbonated water can also erode the enamel on your child’s teeth –if the water is flavoured with colourings.

Another reason to stay away from carbonated water is because once your child begins to enjoy the taste of carbonated water, they might move on to enjoying carbonated soft drinks. These are certainly not healthy for children as they are full of sodium, sugar, chemicals and other artificial colourings. These aren’t good for your child’s weight, teeth, or overall health.

With so many carbonated soft drinks out there – many marketing their products to children – it can be difficult to get your child to stay away from them. However, be strong and persist. We know it can be challenging, but it’s in your child’s best interests.

Remember to check the label

Before you give any food or drink to your child, remember to always check the label. This goes for mineral water too. Have a look at the levels of fluoride, sodium and sulphate. A typical litre bottle should not have more than 200mg of sodium or 250mg of sulphate, otherwise this could potentially be unsafe for your child.

Are you looking for a mineral water that is safe for your children? Then you can’t go past Beloka Water for a healthy option.


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