At Beloka Water, we are committed to a culturally diverse workplace, believing that it holds the key to a richer working experience, as well as a more rounded, productive and forward-thinking company. It therefore seemed natural to us to sponsor DAWN, a highly regarded organisation that’s changing the diversity landscape in a variety of different ways. DAWN’s mission is to become Australia’s leading inclusion and diversity hub paying tribute to and engaging the many different voices that make up our rich and diverse society. They do this through the development of their social media channels, education & training within the private & public sectors and by embracing their values of respect and collaboration every day.
DAWN works with both employers and employees to disseminate best practice and raise awareness of the advantages which a more diverse workforce can bring. Read on to find out more about DAWN, as well as our role in sponsoring their work for the next six months.


Who are DAWN?

DAWN was established in 2014 with the aim of promoting diversity in the workplace to both individuals and decision-makers within organisations. Research shows that a diverse workforce not only results in an improved working culture, it also delivers quantifiable economic benefits. This is especially true at management level, where studies demonstrate that firms who display diversity within the management structure end up with better economic outcomes! Although developing a more diverse workforce is aspirational for many organisations, they frequently come up against a variety of barriers in achieving this. DAWN provides information, support and awareness-raising that’s suitable for employers, employees and other stakeholders, helping enterprises to develop, harness and nurture a diverse workplace.

Why is there a need for DAWN?

A breakdown of recent figures shows that, although around one in four Australians weren’t born in the country (and nearly half of Australians have a parent who wasn’t born in the country), there is a difference between the demographic ethnic mix and the ethnic mix of senior individuals and leaders in the country. A landmark study in 2018, conducted by the University of Sydney in partnership with AHRC, indicated that around 76% of senior leaders and key individuals within organisations in Australia were from Anglo/Celtic heritage. This disparity is due to a number of factors, many of which DAWN seek to address through their programme of seminars, podcasts, interviews, lectures and other awareness-raising activities.

What benefits can organisations receive from striving for greater diversity?

A diverse workforce, particularly at more senior levels, has been found to have a number of soft and hard benefits. Promoting greater engagement and an ethos of valuing every employee leads to a more positive culture where employees feel that their input is needed and wanted. This results in employees becoming increasingly productive, as well as coming up with all sorts of ways of improving the organisation. Another advantage is that retention of employees tends to be greater in more diverse organisations (perhaps due to the more positive, valuing culture). Given the price of recruitment and the loss to an organisation which a highly skilled, experienced worker represents, an improvement in retention is an economic benefit as well as a human one.

Organisations with greater diversity have better economic outcomes

Of particular note is some 2017 research which showed that the surveyed firms which were within the top quarter when it came to a scale of diversity were 33% more likely to have higher-than-average profits! This may well be because the tools with which to engage diverse workers can be easily translated into those needed to engage a diverse customer base, contributing to growing sales and customer retention.

What resources do DAWN provide?

DAWN offers a range of support, resources and assistance for businesses, not-for-profits, individuals and anybody else with an interest in championing inclusion and diversity, especially at the leadership level. But due to Covid19, and the social distancing restrictions, DAWN has had to pivot putting on hold many of their leadership development initiatives and building a new online media platform – Dawncast.
Dawncast shines the light on the diversity of stories, perspectives and lived experiences of our cultural diversity society. In an open and frank dialogue, local councillor, mother, and inclusion and diversity advocate Dai Le shares the microphone with Cathy Ngo, founder of Keynoteworthy. Together, they explore the views, opinions and attitudes that affect the workplace and our community; while engaging in discussions that aim to positively impact our lives.

Where will you see Beloka water working with DAWN?

As DAWN continue their valuable work in spreading the word on the benefits of diversity, they will also be showcasing our amazing Beloka water! Look out for bottles of our still and/or sparkling water on tables and in glasses as DAWN representatives promote the diversity agenda. From providing Beloka at interviews through to it being a feature on podcasts, videos and vlogs, it’s likely you’ll see Beloka come up again and again as DAWN continues its activities. You can catch up with DAWN on social media or via their website.

Beloka mineral water contains a unique combination of minerals which provides its unmistakable taste. Available in still or sparkling formats, get in touch to order some delicious Beloka, or find out more about DAWN.