Delivery Australia-wide

We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere!

They say water doesn’t flow uphill, but Beloka Water does. Uphill, downhill and across the bush. From the pristine Australian Alps to your front door, Beloka Water is now delivering across the entire country.

If you’re on the hunt for a bottled water delivery service to your home or business, look no further than Beloka Water. We deliver this refreshing mineral water straight to your door. As soon as you feel a thirst coming on that nothing else can quench, give us a call and you’ll be tilting a bottle to your lips before you can say “Jiminy Cricket.”

Beloka Water road train to Perth
Beloka Water road train to Perth

Locally sourced

At Beloka Water, we believe in doing our part to ensure our planet is left in better shape than how we found it. That’s why we don’t use low-grade plastic in our manufacturing, but the most sustainable glass (sourced right here in Australia, we might add) to ensure the most ethical, reliable, and sustainable bottling available. No harsh chemicals from the plastic manufacturer come in contact with our product, so there’s nothing to sully the taste and refreshment you’ve come to expect from Beloka Water.

And it’s not just the glass that’s sourced right here. Our bottle caps, labelling, and of course, the water itself, are all locally and sustainably produced.

Free shipping in Sydney

Sydney Metro customers will receive free shipping when they order 1 carton or more. Use coupon code SYDNEY.

When you order one carton or more via Amazon or eBay, you’ll receive reduced shipping fees. With delivery nationwide, you can stock up on cases of water and save on shipping costs. Our bottles have a long shelf life, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have some on hand.

Benefits of mineral water

More and more, people like you are choosing mineral water over still water. Why? It could be the beneficial minerals that are naturally occurring in every bottle of Beloka Water. Magnesium for your muscles, calcium for your bones, as well as sodium, silica, and bicarbonate. All of this occurs 100% naturally from the rocks that our water is purified and filtered through.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Natural mineral water works as an alkalising agent in your body, reducing your acidity levels and helping your body to avoid not only dehydration, but reducing the risk of cancer, slowing down the signs of ageing, and giving you an advantage against unwanted weight gain.

Beloka has been supplying better food and beverage establishments for years, but now the savvy employer wants to offer the water to staff and clients in the office. The old water cooler went out with acid wash jeans and Justin Bieber. Nobody stands around those dust collectors in the office anymore. Tell your prized employees that they can now grab a bottle of delicious Beloka Water and take it back to their desks, or outside on a sunny afternoon. Have them at your next meeting, and communicate to staff and clients alike that you care about them and their well being.

And since we source our own labels, we will happily work with you to design, print, and attach your own private label to our bottled water at a price that is less than you might think. This is the perfect way to tell your stakeholders that you care about your relationship with them.

Here, there and everywhere

Think of us as your ubiquitous aqua. Water that’s here, there and everywhere. Did we grab your attention? Are you humming old Beatles songs in your head now?

Regardless of where you are or what you do, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be without the benefits and taste of Beloka Sparkling Water.

Have a cool café in Coober Pedy? No problem! We can deliver to you in South Australia. Run a Taekwondo studio in Kiwirrkurra? Easy peasy. We can deliver to Western Australia. Massage therapist on Macquarie Island? No worries. A quirky firm in Queensland? Got ya’ covered. Newsagent in New South Wales? No dramas. Sending a few cases to a mate in Melbourne? Already shipped!

It really is that easy!

On bulk orders, you can save even more! Free shipping is available on orders of 6 cartons or more.

Beloka Water road train to Perth
Beloka Water road train to Perth

Place your order now

Are you ready to place an order? To find out more, please speak to one of our friendly customer service reps today. Our team is always available to talk about our fantastic products and to share with you other offers and promotions. Every client is unique to Beloka Water, and we work hard to ensure that your relationship is maintained and valued.

It may not flow uphill, but it will arrive at your door on time, at a fair price, and ready for sharing, no matter where you are.