Beloka Water to enter the 2021 Fine Waters Water Tasting Competition in Bled, Slovenia

Just like in years past, Beloka Water will enter the 2021 Water Tasting Competition hosted by Fine Waters in Bled, Slovenia.

The FineWaters International Water Tasting Competition TASTE AWARDS 2021 will be held on Saturday, September 4th, at the beautiful Villa Bled in Bled, Slovenia, with the support of the Bled Water Festival organization.

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What sets our water apart?

While many people think of water as tasteless, this isn’t actually the case.

A huge number of factors can affect the taste of water, including the source location, whether or not the water has been filtered or chemically treated, and how it is bottled.

You don’t need to have a discerning palette to tell the difference between two glasses of water, either. Variables like soil, air, rocks, and minerals surrounding a body of water can distinctly change its flavour.

Beloka’s mineral-rich and beautifully balanced water comes from the Australian Alps’ Kosciuszko National Park. Previously, Fine Waters of the World has rated our water as ‘Superior’–indicating advanced purity, balance, and taste.

Our water is filtered through geological strata more than 500 million years old, leaving a full, pure, and delicious flavour that perfectly complements all cuisines.

This isn’t Beloka’s first entry in the Fine Water Tasting Competition—we were set to run in the cancelled 2020 competition and received Gold awards in both 2017 and 2019. We received these awards across the still, medium minerality water class and in the added carbonation class for our sparkling water.

2021 Categories

The 2021 Fine Waters Tasting Competition will be divided into several categories across still and carbonated waters, based upon the water’s minerality and level of carbonation.

Fine Waters will also judge each entry based on its bottle design. Awards will be handed out across several packaging categories, including PET (plastic bottles), glass, bags, boxes, and aluminium bottles.

Judging the winners

This year’s winners will be judged by a professional panel of six Water Sommeliers with extensive industry experience.

The jury panel includes:

Jeanette Fili

Jeanette Fili is Sweden’s first Water Sommelier certified through Fine Water’s educational academy. She holds professional qualifications including WSET Level 3 and has passed the Swedish Sommelier exam.

Niko Huber

Niko Huber is a tourism professional with extensive knowledge regarding natural Slovenian water. He is the co-owner and CEO of his own water company and aims to tell the world about Slovenian’s astounding natural waters.

As Slovenia’s very first Water Sommelier with an official certification, Huber would love to see growth within the natural water drinking culture and raise awareness about how these waters can be paired with fine dishes and wines.

Milin Patel

Milin Patel has more than twenty years of experience in water technology and consultancy across the built environment. He is a fully certified Water Sommelier and a passionate business partner within the water industry.

Michael Mascha

Michael is Fine Waters’ creator and one of the Fine Water Society’s original founders. Michael has played a central role in raising awareness about the different flavour profiles of waters around the world and how it can be matched, like wine, with distinctive cuisines.

Michael also authored Fine Waters – A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Most Distinctive Bottled Waters – labelled by the London Times as an acclaimed “encyclopedia” about water.

Elena Berg

Dr. Elena Berg is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Environmental Science, and Mathematics as well as a Certified Water Sommelier. She is also a Director at The American University of Paris’s Joy and Edward Frieman Environmental Science Research Centre.

Martin Riese

Martin Riese is a certified Mineral Water Sommelier—a qualification he obtained from Germany’s Mineral Water Trade Association. He is known for running a class named ‘Water 101’ where he educates and instructs his students about mineral water’s unique characteristics and qualities.

Martin has appeared on several media outlets across the world, including the New York Times, Buzzfeed, the Los Angeles Times, and on Conan O’Brien.

100% Australian, 100% delicious

Our locally sourced water is fresh, delicious, and pure, pairing perfectly with meals, wine, and even as a mixer. To learn more about Beloka Water and to follow us through the 2021 Fine Waters Water Tasting Competition, visit our website or send us a message today.

You can also check out our range of still and sparkling waters to taste the difference for yourself.