Great lunch at Golden Bowl Chinese restaurant in Bella Vista

After a long week, the team was looking to unwind with a delicious Chinese meal. The Golden Bowl is a favourite place for us to go for a great Chinese meal, paired with our delicious Beloka Water mineral water.

golden bowl chinese restaurant circa blvd bella vista

Getting there

The Golden Bowl is located in the Circa Retail shopping centre, making it a quick and easy location to get to even on a busy Friday lunchtime. The parking is free and easy to access, which is great for busy diners. The restaurant is very easy to find so it’s a great place to meet people if you are arriving from different locations, as well as being convenient for people arriving together in one vehicle.

What to eat?

We’ve been to the Golden Bowl before and we always have a good meal when we go there. This time we decided on sharing prawn dumplings, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, a combination laksa and a portion of salt and pepper squid. The service was excellent and as usual, the waitress arrived quickly to take our order and gave us great advice on the menu. She brought our food out quickly and made sure that we were happy with our order. The food was made fresh to order and was piping hot, with very tender and tasty seafood and flavourful vegetables. It was excellent food with generous servings including generous amounts of the meat. That’s what keeps us coming back again and again! Obviously, as Beloka Water staff we ordered the Beloka Water in lightly sparkling as our drink option. It was a great complement to the delicious food we were enjoying and tasted fantastic.

golden bowl chinese restaurant circa blvd bella vista

The ambience

The Golden Circle has a very welcoming atmosphere. While it is in a busy shopping centre, it’s a surprisingly comfortable place to sit down and have a good meal and chat without straining to hear what the other person is saying. The terrace is lovely and inviting during the summer. The wait staff were very knowledgeable about all of the items on the menu and were happy to talk to us about the menu items so that we could choose the best options for the day. The restaurant has a happy group of local regular customers who come back time and time again because of the great quality food and friendly service.

The bottom line

We’d definitely head back to the Golden Bowl for a meal again, as we always have a great time when we are there. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy a casual lunch with friends or colleagues. It has very reasonable prices and great food quality and service. We are delighted that they chose to be a Beloka Water supplier as they are a great example of how Beloka Water can complement quality food and enhance the dining experience.

golden bowl chinese restaurant circa blvd bella vista