Have You Visited Australia’s Very First Water Bar Yet?

Janet Laurence

Photo credits: News.com.au

As part of Sydney’s year-round Art and About festival, the City of Sydney opens the H2O: Water Bar, a one-of-a-kind art piece that showcases Australia’s finest water selections. Samplers of meticulously hand-picked Australian waters are served in a laboratory-like installation complete with clear glass flasks and beakers that form a unique vision of Australia’s most celebrated natural resource. Harvested from the great Snowy Mountains, Beloka Water is proud to represent its home state, New South Wales in this remarkable gathering of pure water that even a vintage wine sommelier would not date to miss.

Beloka groundwater is hailed as the red wine of waters. If you’re fond of Shiraz, it will give you the same pleasure as it delivers the goodness of organically purified water with a distinct refreshing earthy taste and sodium kick. Savour the freshness of nature by sampling Beloka Water at the H2O: Water Bar.

The H2O: Water Bar is a free art installation from world renowned Australian artist, Janet Laurence. It features Australia’s finest water sourced from the undergrounds of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. Come to the water bar, witness a bar scene that you have never seen or experienced before, and discover how it is to pick your perfect water.