Catch Beloka Water at the 2016 H2O Water Bar

Janet Laurence

Come and join Beloka Water at the 2016 H2O Water Bar event. Beloka Water was picked to participate in Sydney’s most exclusive water tasting bar to serve something more precious than the finest French wine–our pristine drinking water. Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore attended the opening of this lavish event on Thursday to welcome everyone to this year’s “H20 Water Bar”, serving 17 different types of natural Australian spring water.

This year’s “H20 Water Bar” is set amongst the heritage industrial space of the Paddington Reservoir Gardens’ inner chamber, which will be open to the public for this occasion. Fashioned as a laboratory-style art installation created by Janet Laurence, the water bar will feature water from New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania. The water samplers will be served in test tubes, giving Laurence’s art installation piece an elegant glistening crystal effect–turning Australia’s purest water selection into a remarkable work of art. The installation will also be the highlight of Sydney’s Art and About series.

As Australia is a country known for its water holes from the colonial era to the long droughts that currently affect its regional communities, it is only fitting that the annual H20 Water Bar Event serves as a reminder of the fragility of one of our country’s most precious and vital natural resource–our drinking water.

Come and visit the 2016 H20 Water Bar and sample Beloka Water from the 13th until the 28th of February. This 9-day event will run every Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

See you there!