International Water Tasting Competition | Ecuador 2018

When it comes to the wealth of mineral and sparkling water choices available, water is never “just water”. Each mineral water has its own specific flavour, depending on its origin and the quality of the bottling process. A slight change in soil pH, a different climate or varying rock types all impart a slightly different flavour to water during its journey from the natural world to your table. This results in a selection of waters which each benefit from a unique terroir, giving a particular depth and flavour which is distinctive. Although tastes in water are an individual thing, there are some characteristics which make a table water stand out from the rest. It is these that will be considered and compared at the FineWaters Tasting Competition 2018, in which Beloka will be competing.

The FineWaters Tasting Competition 2018

This year, the FineWaters Tasting Competition is being held in Ecuador, hosted at the Chalet Guitig, in Machachi. It is an opportunity for some of the finest mineral waters in the world to be compared and contrasted by a team of expert judges. This year, the judging panel is made up of:

Rita Palandrani – an experienced water sommelier who works with a variety of organisations to educate and inform about the many facets of water.

Horacio Bustos – a water sommelier and graduate of the University of Buenos Aires, Horacio Bustos is an honorary member of the prestigious Circle of Water Tasters.

Michael Mascha – the founder of FineWaters and one of the original members of the Fine Water Society. He has written a well-regarded book on the subject of water, entitled, “Fine Waters – A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s most distinctive bottled waters.”

Martin Riese – creator of an innovative programme which instructs students regarding the various characteristics and uses of mineral water, Martin is a known media presence who speaks authoritatively on bottled water and its uses.

With such a distinguished panel judging the various entries, we expect the standard to be exceptionally high.

beloka water still and sparkling taste awards 2018

Variety of categories at the Ecuador FineWaters Tasting Competition

Entrants can submit water for consideration in both the Sparkling and the Non-Sparkling categories. The former includes waters which are naturally carbonated, as well as a separate class for waters which have had carbonation added after being extracted from source. The latter category is divided into a number of different classes, depending on the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) or minerality. There are five different classes in this category, ranging from waters with a super-low concentration of TDS through to those with much higher concentrations. Beloka intends to submit water for consideration in both categories, ensuring that our products are tasted and judged by some of the most knowledgeable and discerning water sommeliers on the planet.

What criteria are used to judge water?

As any water sommelier will tell you, no two waters taste exactly the same. Although some people would argue that the best tasting water is a subjective decision, there are certain characteristics which can be used to differentiate waters on a more objective basis. As part of the FineWaters tasting competition, entries will be judged not only on their unique flavour, but also on their ability to complement food or beverages. A water may taste amazing on its own, but have limited capacity to enhance companion tastes. The judging panel consider a number of aspects of each entry before deciding which one is going to take the coveted top spot in each class.

Proud to be entering the 2018 FineWaters Water Tasting Competition

Following our success at the 2017 International FineWaters Water Tasting Competition in Guangzhou, China, here at Beloka we are eager to see whether our water still ranks highly among the world’s finest. We were lucky enough to win a Gold Award in the Sparkling Added Carbonation category, beating off some stiff competition from some of the world’s most well-known and prestigious mineral water providers. Our hope is to repeat our success, proving yet again that here in Australia we really do have some of the best mineral water in the world.

Beloka Water – Award winning water from Australia

We are proud that Beloka will be entering the 2018 Ecuador competition not only as a company, but also as a representative of Australia. Our water is 100% Australian, taken from a pure, unspoiled source deep in the Kozciuzko National Park. With nothing added except a little carbonation in our sparkling water, Beloka water has a beautiful flavour, honed by its passage through rock strata which are some of the oldest on the globe. Carefully bottled to ensure the unique flavour of Beloka is preserved, our mineral water is a preferred choice with restaurants, hotels, conference facilities and private tables across the country and beyond.

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The perfect choice as an accompaniment to dining or in cocktails

One of the major benefits of selecting Beloka water for your table is its versatility. The distinctive, highly palatable flavour complements a wide range of dishes, as well as being an excellent accompaniment to cocktails or as a mixer for other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Beloka also works well as a stand alone beverage for use during conferences, meetings or conventions. Suitable for consumption at any time of day, our water can be served without accompaniment, or garnished with a slice of lemon or lime to give a hint of citrus flavour.

Why not try Beloka for yourself?

We are looking forward to the 2018 FineWaters Water Tasting Competition in Ecuador later this year and are hopeful that our 2017 success will be repeated. If you would like to experience the taste of a FineWaters Water Tasting Competition winner for yourself, we are happy to help. We have a number of stockists around the country who will be happy to take your order. Alternatively, get in touch and we will be pleased to assist. We offer FREE delivery across Australia when you purchase six or more crates and always welcome the opportunity to assist with any queries you might have.


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