Italian Mineral Water or Beloka Water – You Decide

If you appreciate the superior taste of fine mineral water, you’ll probably be aware of the selection of Italian sparkling mineral water that’s currently available on the market. Boasting a choice of pure mineral waters that are bottled at source from ancient springs and remote aquifers, brands such as Acqua Panna Toscana, San Pellegrino, Lyde and Acqua Fabia showcase some of the most refined and sophisticated offerings that Italy has to give.

Imported sparkling water from Italy is a popular choice for many individuals, as well as a favourite with restaurants, hotels, conference centres and more. Although you may feel that Italy’s sparkling mineral water would make a suitable addition to your beverage collection, there’s no need to look so far afield to find exceptional mineral water – Beloka Water is right on your doorstep!

Australian water that holds its own internationally

Italy has a long and impressive heritage when it comes to mineral water – with some sources pre-dating the Roman Empire, the prestigious lineage of Italian water has inevitably led to its place as a global leader in the marketplace. However, as Gold Award winners at the well-regarded 2017 International Tasting Competition in Guangzou, China, Beloka Water ranks up there with the top Italian sparkling waters when it comes to taste, content, provenance, purity and numerous other stringent criteria.

If you crave exceptional mineral water that boasts an impeccable Australian heritage and is rightly acclaimed for its superb flavour and quality, it’s time to give Beloka Water more than a second glance.

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As good as Italian bottled mineral water

Each mineral water is shaped by its environment – waters acquire their unique flavour and constitution from their journey through the geology in which they flow. Honed over millions of years, when you take a sip of a mineral water beverage, you’re also imbibing a natural resource that’s been created through the interaction of rocks and water for eons.

The exact flavour of each mineral water is determined by the rocks and soil through which it flows: if your water passed through a chalky environment, for example, it will contain different concentrations of minerals to a water that has passed through the sedimentary rock of the Apenine Mountains (the source of the well-known Galvanina and La Tavola Marche mineral water). Each will have its own, unique flavour and composition.

Beloka Water – the Australian answer to Italian mineral waters

Beloka Water is sourced from a virgin spring near the remote Kosciuszko National Park. Filtered through the aged rocks in the local area, each drop of Beloka Water benefits from an exceptional level of purity. Beloka Water received a 5 star rating from the Fine Waters of the World Society. Unlike tap water, which is heavily processed, the clarity and fresh, unspoiled nature of our water means that it’s ready for bottling from source, capturing the unique flavour that is the hallmark of the Beloka range.

It contains an attractive selection of minerals, including calcium, sodium, magnesium, silica and potassium, with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 587. As demonstrate by our Gold Award at the tasting event, Beloka Water is an attractive addition to the international leaders when it comes to excellent mineral water.

Beloka Water or Italian sparkling mineral water – you decide!

One of the most exciting brands to arrive in the world of sparkling water, Beloka is a high-quality product that can hold its own against competitor brands from across the globe. If you’re a connoisseur of fine water, or simply want your customers, guests or diners to enjoy an exceptional beverage, it’s time to see what Beloka has to offer. With all the taste and purity of Galvanina, Madonna della Guardia or some other premium Italian brand, Beloka has the advantage of being proudly sourced here in Australia; even our partially recycled bottles and caps are made in Oz.

Beloka Water is a great choice for your table

Whether you want mineral water that works well as a stand alone beverage (perhaps served with lemon or as part of a fruit infusion), or you’re looking for a stunning choice to serve at dinner, Beloka won’t disappoint. Italian sparkling waters certainly have their place, but if you’re looking for a local product that stands out for all the right reasons, Beloka mineral water has got it covered.


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