Beloka Water, Natural Spring Water

Here at Beloka Water, we’re regularly asked just what it is that makes our local product different from the rest.

Today, we’re going to take a look at what natural spring water is in more depth, comparing it to purified water in particular. Who wins? Let’s find out!

What is natural spring water?

As the name suggests, natural spring water derives from a natural underground spring. This occurs when water flows from an ‘aquifer’ – an underground layer of rock which allows water to permeate – to the surface of the Earth. This process has been occurring for hundreds of millions of years. The water passes through fissures and cracks in the rock, which imbibes it with high levels of trace minerals. Minerals including sodium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. In our case, our water is sourced from a natural underground spring in the Australian Alps. It is rich in all of the above, as well as chloride, potassium and silica.

The water must contain certain minerals and keep the same chemical properties right through from when it’s sourced to when it is consumed. Spring water is often clear, but in some cases it can be slightly coloured due to coming into contact with natural minerals.

beloka water natural spring water

Spring v purified water: which is better?

Purified water is a rapidly growing segment of the bottled water industry but, contrary to popular belief, it’s not the same as ‘filtered water’. Purified water, as with most types of water, is subject to some level of filtration. It also undergoes additional processes, including distillation, deionisation and reverse osmosis. This results in a purer product with less than 10 parts per million when it comes to impurities. Crucially, purification aims to remove pathogens and chemicals in water. However, during the purification process, chlorine is added to the water in order to kill germs and bacteria. While relatively harmless in small doses, excess consumption of water containing chlorine over time, it is argued, can be detrimental to your health. It is not recommended to drink too much purified water.

As natural spring water is rich in minerals, it is either a neutral or slightly high pH. Our water pH is typically 7.1. You can check out further details in our water brochure here. This means that if you drink this alkaline water, it will help to reduce the levels of acidity in your body. It will also contribute to reducing the amount of damage caused by free radicals. The taste of spring water also tends to be more refreshing than other waters. Natural spring water comes out as a winner for us every single time. You can’t get much more natural than Beloka Water…

Beloka Water

Beloka Water is 100% natural, mineral-rich water sourced from a spring near Kosciuszko National Park. Fine Waters of the World rate our water as ‘superior’ and gives it a 5-star rating. Hundreds of bars, restaurants and cafes throughout Australia agree, including Griffith University, Emma and Toms and Two Providores. Why not try our quality water today and see for yourself?