Beloka Water, a Top Australian Mineral Water Brand

Not all waters are created equal, and Beloka Water is a prime example of this. It’s not just opinion. As a member of the Fine Water Society, it’s recognised as a world-renowned pristine and natural drinking water with its own unique characteristics that make it so special and beneficial. Classed as a ‘Superior’ water because of its combined taste, appearance and virginality, Beloka is proudly Australian, and everything that goes into a bottle of this pure water is sourced from within the country – from the caps to the partially recycled bottles that it comes in, not to mention the water itself.

beloka water still and sparkling on table

The Fine Water Society is dedicated to spreading the word about water, and how it can be enjoyed just like any other drink. FineWaters focuses on educating consumers and the media alike about the importance of quality, unspoilt water. A major player in the international bottled water industry, FineWaters has stringent standards for what constitutes a water that’s fit to join its ranks, and Beloka ticks every box. In fact, it has won awards internationally, and its lightly sparkling mineral water was even voted the best in the world by a professional panel of international water sommeliers.

Top Australian Mineral Water Brand

As a top Australian mineral water brand, Beloka Water offers both superior taste and composition, and high-quality provenance. Spring water is inextricably linked to its surroundings and the geology of the local area. Beloka’s water is sourced near Kosciuszko National Park, at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, and you can taste the fresh, natural origins in every drop. Sourced from a single subterranean aquifer, the water undergoes a natural filtration process over the course of 500 million years through geological strata. It’s worth the wait, though, for the end product that has a pure and full flavour. Bottled in a cutting-edge facility close to the source, and not treated with chemicals like many other waters on the market, you can enjoy the fresh and clean taste with complete peace of mind.

High Concentrations of Minerals

What’s so special about natural mineral water such as Beloka, though? Well, while tap water does contain minerals, it’s most likely in much lower concentrations than bottled water that’s been naturally filtered, and it might also contain a host of other chemicals or additives that aren’t so good for the body. Minerals, in general, are very important and are used for numerous functions within the body to ensure strong and healthy bones, teeth, hair, muscle, metabolic processes and much more. Beloka Water has high concentrations of minerals such as silica, sodium, magnesium, calcium and chloride to name a few, without any of the potentially harmful extras. Beloka Water is proud to offer a pristine beverage that’s a taste of Australia.

Water from the Purest of Sources

Beloka’s bottled water gives you the opportunity to sample some of this unspoilt nature, no matter where you are. It can be enjoyed on its own, or with a meal, whether you’re at home or in any number of restaurants, cafes or bars all over the country. The water comes in still or lightly sparkling varieties, meaning there’s something to suit every taste, whether on its own or added to cordials or cocktails. It’s not only a top Australian mineral water brand, it’s an acclaimed product with international appeal, so if you’re looking for a versatile, great-tasting drinking water from the purest of sources, you can’t go wrong with Australia’s finest, Beloka Water.