Should You Drink Tap Water?



For a lot of people, clean water is an issue when it comes to drinking water. This is probably why bottle water is a more popular beverage choice instead of tap water. But is there really a difference? Is tap water unsafe for consumption?

If you are in Australia, it is worth noting that there are regulation in place that ensure tap water is safe for consumption.

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 was developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council and was updated in February of 2016.

Moreover, all water in the country, regardless of source, is regularly tested to meet the standards set by Australian Government. This means water has to be disinfected, filtered to remove pathogens, and tested for viruses.

In general, it is safe to drink tap water in Australia. But many people still take steps to ensure the water they drink from their tap is safe and clean:

1. They use a filter to remove any traces of metals and to improve the taste of water.

2. In an older house where there may be lead solder, tap water is allowed to run a minute or so before being used.

3. People boil water. Boiling kills bacteria in the water which ensures that it is safe for consumption.

However, increasingly people are turning to bottled water for convenience and peace of mind.

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